Birth Control for Hippies

I quit the pill a long time before trying to conceive.

Oh, the pill.

On the one hand– the pill was a big “yippie” for women’s rights. On the other hand, it was also a “boo” for many women’s bodies.  The pill was unkind to mine, so I started using a natural family planning method called CycleBeads based on the Standard Days Method.  If you’re wondering what that is, it’s like the rhythm method, only backed with research.  And it was quite effective for me.  It had about a 95% effectiveness rating which is comparable to other user-dependent methods.

If you’re sick of the pill, try CycleBeads. I use the iPhone app–two bucks, baby.

And bonus–It helps track fertile days AND I don’t have to wait for the synthetic female hormones to leave my body before gettin’ it on. 🙂


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