Let’s Play: “Am I Pregnant???”

So, I just began my two week wait. My first. If you are one of my dear friends who has had 25+ two week waits, then you may want to skip this. I’m sure it will be obnoxious. Because I just have to say one thing:


Not in two weeks. Not later.  Not upon missing my period.  Now.  Yesterday, actually.  NO! Like RIGHT after.


So, let’s play a game. It’s called “Am I Pregnant?”  Right now, I’m the host AND the contestant, baby.

Food aversion? Check.  I was chewing gleefully through a gorgeous hunk of prime rib at the Oregon Cattleman’s Association Dinner (uh…long story…just trust me, I was there). It had a rosemary garlic crust.   It was divine. Then, without warning half way through my second piece I could barely swallow my bite. It made me sick to think about finishing the same food that not 3 seconds earlier made me roll my eyes back into my head in garlicky rosemary-ey delight.

Queasiness?  Check. I’m not sure if it’s just the fact that I’m so nervous about the entire prospect, but I’ve been queasy the last two days.

Sudden Starvation? CHECK. I’m so hungry. Maybe if I had been able to finish my prime rib I would not be blogging to distract myself from hunger. I’m going to have to bend my no eating after 10 PM rule because after all,

I might have a REALLY good excuse.

One thought on “Let’s Play: “Am I Pregnant???”

  1. Ha! Oh man, do I remember those days 🙂

    Best of luck honey, I hope this is your first and only two week wait 🙂

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