Dear Mad Scientist Inventors,

You have created robots that can successfully perform heart surgery. You created fat free potato chips (so what if they gave everyone the shits? They were AWESOME). So why?  Why can’t you invent a way of detecting pregnancy faster than this?  This really shouldn’t be that difficult.  Take one of the diabetic blood tests and modify the chemical strip. Is there something I’m missing here?  Do you get off on being withholding? You realize that it would make millions, right?

Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Dear Mad Scientist Inventors,

  1. Dear, dear friend. You are going to make yourself crazy with all this fretting. It’s okay to fret—and we’re both fretters by nature. Take a bath. Snuggle your dog. Shop for Lelo toys. Tweak your spreadsheets. Give me a call any time.

    It’s all okay. Whatever happens, it is okay. You will be okay. When you can finally take a pregnancy test, you will experience both panic and relief either way it turns out. The emotional roller coaster comes with the territory.

    In the meantime, I would suggest buying an economy-sized pack of pregnancy tests on Amazon. It took two or three to convince me that it wasn’t a fluke positive test.

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