Welcome, Internet Stranger

First order of (baby) business: “Little Stranger” is the most awful term of endearment for a baby.  It implies that your sperm donor was the FedEx guy. Don’t use it.

Second order of (blogger) business: Dear Internet Strangers, what were 36 of you people doing here today?  I’ve told ONE other person about this blog.  Who knew that pregnancy and baby makin’ were so interesting?  Besides us, I mean.

So, if you’re reading this and would like to change your term of endearment from “Internet Stranger” (boo) to “Blog Buddy” (yay!) please introduce yourself. I would enjoy getting to know you. Especially if my reproductive system works, I’ll want advice/tips/commiseration.

With affection unbounded,

Ms. Another Maternity Blogger

3 thoughts on “Welcome, Internet Stranger

    • Well I’m not certain any of them are real people. The analytics for WordPress are limited and I’m sure some were bots. But they were there. I’m guessing people searched for “Am I pregnant” hoping for the answer to that question themselves. They left sorely disappointed and have never returned.

  1. I’ll bite!

    I followed you over here Exponent. With a name like another maternity blog, of course I would follow being a birth junkie myself. The world is indeed of more maternal feminists who see women as capable of motherhood and engagement in their communities.

    I’m also a fan of fertility awareness which sounds like another name for what you are doing to track your fertility. Have you read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility?” For such a thick book, its a quick read and has helped both refrain from pregnancy and gain a pregnancy. I know its the same basic concept: know your body, observe its pattern and time intercourse accordingly. I’m hoping the best for you!

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