Floral Headbands

Look, I get it. You’re excited that you had a girl and you’d like to advertise it to the world. You can’t wait for her to get long, luscious curls. But until then, a GIANT silk flower attached to a headband is NOT a suitable indicator of this child’s sex.

Have some subtlety, people! Get a little bow or a pink rattle. But under no circumstances should you attach an enormous flower to the top your child’s head. It doesn’t make your child look more like a girl, it just makes you look like a basketcase.


2 thoughts on “Floral Headbands

  1. Oi, what gives, right? It makes me somewhat relieved to be having a little boy. Nobody tries to stick flowers larger than the child’s head on a baby boy (at least, I hope not). Or flowers or headbands at all. Anyway, they are hideous. A little flower can be cute. I’m not totally against headbands, though I think most little little girls don’t think too highly of them.

    I’m thinking a fedora for baby boy would be hilariously awesome.

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