Pink. It’s Like Red, but Not Quite.

It wouldn’t be another maternity blog if I didn’t update you in embarrassing detail about my bodily functions, secretions, mucous, and leaks. What’s that, gentle reader? You don’t WANT to read about my liquids? Awesome. You can skip this.

Because all I gotta say about this pink stuff in my panties is that either:
a) My period has begun a week early
b) I ate so much Red Velvet that it’s dyed everything pink, or
c) We have implantation bleeding.

At this point I’m not ruling out anything. It’s possible..okay, LIKELY, that all my other “symptoms” were psychosomatic. But this…

It could be a fluke. I’m not getting my hopes up.*

*…yes I am…


4 thoughts on “Pink. It’s Like Red, but Not Quite.

  1. The chances are better than not that your symptoms of nausea and food aversions were psychosomatic, as they typically don’t manifest, if at all, until at least 6–8 weeks after your last missed period.

    It’s terribly annoying how the symptoms for menstruation and the symptoms for early pregnancy are basically identical. I’m assuming you’ve read this FMH gem by now:

    Anyway, I imagine the waiting is making you feel total cuckoo crazypants, too. It’ll be okay—not too much longer, and you will have the unique pleasure of peeing on a stick. (No, really. It’s super awkward being like, “Okay, honey. Wait here while I go mark this with my urine to see whether or not we have produced spawn.) Or the real menstruation thing will kick in.

    Either way, you’ll know. And the obsessing . . . er . . . heightened awareness of your cycle can begin for another round.

    • You mean 6 to 8 weeks after your last period, right? Not last missed?

      I’ve heard that it’s “typically” more like 4 weeks. That’s the thing. No woman is the same. Who can say what is typical? There is more conflicting information on pregnancy online than any other subject I’ve encountered.

      • Four weeks after fertilization is about six weeks as measured from the last missed period, but I’m not sure what your info said.

        No pregnancy is predictable, it’s true, whether you will be sick as hell or not. Even individual women experience wildly different symptoms from pregnancy to pregnancy.

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