MIL and Meh.

The MIL – On my way to my husband’s presentation, MIL chatted about my sisters in law and their boy troubles.  Both sisters seem to be struggling in the man department. Their boyfriends are too this or that. Likely both boyfriends had poor role models for relationships. I had to thank MIL then for raising such a good, well adjusted man.  He’s got his faults. But they’re tolerable. I hope I can manage the same for my kid.  If there’s a kid.

The Meh – Today I don’t feel as if I could possibly be pregnant.  What I feel is pretty irrelevant either way. But that doesn’t make it any less depressing. I just don’t want to do anything that I have to do right now. I have amorphous hours in the ether that I could bill and turn into gold. But I don’t feel like it.

So I was glad for the distraction and drama of my in-laws’ lives. If you have fun drama, please share. If you want to tell me I’m not being rational and that it will happen someday, if not this cycle, then go piss on a power line. I don’t wanna hear it.

One thought on “MIL and Meh.

  1. I’m also grateful for a reasonably well-adjusted spouse—who is far from perfect, yes, but a good match for me. He manages to ride out the waves of freakoutdom with me without showing evidence of wanting to bolt, which is probably enough to have him canonized.

    I spent most of yesterday in bed, curled up in fetal position misery. I can’t attribute it to any particular of life’s traumas, but I understand not having the heart to get up and go.

    Fun drama? Our expensive drama today is a the $400 repair it will take to get hubster’s car to pass emissions. *sigh* At least it’s being worked on, rather than parked collecting dust in our carport whilst I continue carless into perpetuity.

    The Scritchy One is coming over for awhile with Little Guy on Thursday as she has business in Lehi that morning. I have to decide if I’m okay with her seeing my front room covered in piles of unfolded (though clean) laundry, or if I’m going to spend this afternoon folding laundry instead of working on an employment contract for my dad. The employment contract is much more interesting, but much more difficult. The laundry is boring but easy, and invites viewing of vapid chick films.

    Oi. This comment has become rambling AND extremely boring. My apologies on both fronts. Good luck crawling out of the Cave of Meh.

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