Blogging PREGNANT Style

Having pregnancy blogs separate from normal news blogs is, in general a good idea.  I blog stalk someone am friends with someone who is 14 weeks along, and every damn post has “pregnant style” tacked to the end of it.  “Doing SeaWorld–PREGNANT style.”  “Eating WHILE pregnant.”  “My First Pregnant Birthday!” Events and activities themselves have lost meaning. They are merely vehicles to discuss pregnancy.

She wrote a post about her mother’s wedding for heaven’s sake and it wasn’t focused on the bride and groom. No. It was about “soon-to-be GrAnDmA’s wedding.”  Who made her mother a grandma?  Daughter did. So. In a sense, the wedding is all about her and her babywabybumkins.

What all this means is I’m a judgmental, prideful (envious) cow, who reads blogs I don’t enjoy just to make fun of them while vowing to never ever become obnoxious. At least not on my regular blog.


One thought on “Blogging PREGNANT Style

  1. This is largely why I have a baby/pregnancy exclusive blog separate from my regular blog. People who don’t want to know about the gush or the milestones can stick to the main blog. I may keep the pregnancy blog as a separate kid blog. I think it’s a little unfortunate when some blogs become shrines to baby photos and various lurid posts about their children’s bodily functions.

    Anyway, the blog you reference sounds totally obnoxious. She needs to get over her status as a sacred vessel.

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