Babies Become Kids and Disneyland Reflections

A week at Disneyland with a 9 year old (my much younger brother) is enough to make anyone question childrearing.

I’ve become quite content with the idea of a baby. A sweet cooing infant to snuggle and gurgle and grin.  But a child?  Why does it have to become a child?  I don’t have an imagination. I don’t know how to play. I don’t like toys that make noise or corn dogs or people in character suits.  Furthermore, a whining toddler is 456 times worse than a crying infant.

This week I saw children throw fits and fling $5 fruit bars and sob and cry and whine and weep at DISNEYLAND. It was stressful enough at the “happiest place on Earth.” How do parents manage to entertain them at home?  Video games and TV are out unless you want to be branded the WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. Toys with noises will drive me insane. And no matter how innocent the activity, there’s always some jackass to tell you sandboxes, swimming pools, and swing sets are unsafe. How? How do parents do it?

I realize this is completely premature, but it’s seriously stressing me out.

On the other hand, I saw princesses who were 3 feet tall and toddlers play swordfighting with their grandparents, and lots and lots of children hugging characters with mile-wide smiles. It made your heart melty.

I also saw a woman who was in love with her baby.  Flirting and tickling and cooing like she had never seen anything so wonderful as this child. She was so enamored I thought she must be its auntie. That is until she whipped out her breast and started feeding the baby.  I couldn’t help but stare for a moment. I wanted to be like “YEAH! You GO GIRL! Exercise your federally protected right to breastfeed in public!”  But I just watched the precious scene for a few seconds. “Flash” Mountain. Pssh. Breastfeeding is way cooler.

2 thoughts on “Babies Become Kids and Disneyland Reflections

  1. I second the WOOHOO! to a woman breastfeeding in public. The sooner we get over the sexualization of breasts and normalize breastfeeding, the better.

    I’m daily grateful that children come as babies. I’m not sure how my step-mom voluntarily took on my ten-year-old self and my seven-year-old brother when my dad remarried. Babies are cute. Kids can be downright near impossible. People keep telling me that it’s different with your own kids, and maybe that’s true. I do know that when my nephews (both four) opened all the boxes of board games we brought to Christmas and shuffled the pieces around, it was about all we could do to keep from screaming bloody murder at them. Yeah. We’re going to make great parents. :/

  2. I don’t know how you’ll take that I read this far back in your blog, but I feel like the worst friend ever. Plus in my readings I’ve discovered we’re almost the exact opposite in our feelings on becoming mothers. (Side note: the biggest objection I have to becoming pregnant currently is that I don’t want my baby born in Utah. Incredibly petty? Selfish? Yes. Do I care? Not really.) I work with kinder – 4th graders everyday plus 4 year olds at church. My last few years of education has centered on learning to educate and work with kids, but also how to make it fun. So I don’t mind kids, but I’m TERRIFIED of the infant/early toddler stage. You know, before they can communicate what they want/need and you’re left to guessing, wiping their butts, and carrying them around until your back gives out? It took me a long time to like children at all and I guess infants are my last hurdle. Plus I have never had ANY desire to experience pregnancy or labor/childbirth. The idea of what my body has to go through has long made me shudder. I’m a wimp I suppose. It’s totally selfish on my part. As a teenager, I could have never predicted this, but now I love the idea of adoption because there are so many kids out there that need good homes.

    FYI, none of this is meant as a critique; I just think it’s hilarious that we’re completely opposite on this. My mother reassures me that I’ll feel differently when it’s actually my own child, and I hope for the child’s sake that she’s right. So when I finally bite the procreation bullet, I’ll be calling you for positive reinforcement on pregnancy/childbirth/infancy and then you can call me on ideas for entertaining children. I have enough singing games to do a new one everyday for a year probably. Plus I have an older bosom buddy who constantly comes up with awesome ideas for her kids, like letting them have water guns & shaving cream in the bathtub when they’ve been sick.

    One more thing. I don’t know how in the hell the human race has survived this long. With everything that is considered “dangerous” to children (let alone what pregnant women are supposed to avoid), I can’t believe we have billions of survivors running around the planet. It’s all about decent, involved parenting. We wouldn’t have survived childhood in San Antonio without our rickety nasty swingset and a plethora of pools to choose from. So screw what everybody else says and parent according to your own instincts.

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