It’s Pronounced “HeyZeus”

No December baby for us.   It would have been due on the 24th, which, come to think of it is one of the most awful due dates imaginable. So, I’m consoled for now. I’m glad to know I won’t be squeezing out my present on Christmas Eve.  However, I am very agreeable to the idea of being hugely pregnant next Christmas.  I’m crossing my fingers and uncrossing my legs for January.

One thought on “It’s Pronounced “HeyZeus”

  1. A January baby would be awesome! I feel bad for people born in the month of December, and proportionately more so the closer their birthday is to Christmas. Despite her other insufficiencies, my mother-in-law does a great job of making my father-in-law’s December 23rd birthday special each year.

    Annnnnyway . . . happy babymaking. If you were in the area, I’d be feeding you some of this panna cotta I made yesterday with a lemon glaze kyped from a failed lemon pie attempt.

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