The Sweet Schreech of Children

I sat next to a screaming child today in church. (Don’t worry, he couldn’t possibly detract from the spirit because from where I was sitting under my thundercloud of being sick to death of church, there was no spirit.)  But my eardrums were touched. Hurt. Bleeding by the end.  I have to wonder if his parents are deaf–between the volume of his cries and their lack of response, the evidence suggests it’s likely.

And now I have to worry that my passing judgment on them today will result in the karma of my own screaming toddler.

It’s probable. I have it on good authority that toddler Me was hell on wheels with a screech of Satan to match.

But I promise you, unless I am physically unable to remove my screaming child from the room, I will remove my screaming child from the room.


One thought on “The Sweet Schreech of Children

  1. Yergh. I think that was one of the hardest transitions out of singles wards. Family wards are LOUD. I’ve never understood just letting your kid scream in the middle of a spiritual meeting. Your kid starts screaming? Fine. Take him or her out. They pipe it into the hallways for that very reason, for goodness sake!

    On a somewhat related noted, with my new calling I’m hoping that because our primary president has six children and is an unmedicated homebirther that a) she will be tolerant of my child when he is fussy and b) she won’t tell me to cover up when I whip it out during sharing time.

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