Imp-eror Strikes Back

Remember the dastardly “implantation” imp? Well it has struck again.  I’m irritated because, just like last time, it’s way too freaking early to have implantation bleeding. But on the other hand, I have never ever had spotting mid cycle. This includes on and off the pill. I’ve heard of ovulation bleeding, but never had it…unless it decided to infuriatingly show up NOW when we’re trying to conceive.

I’ve had to wonder if my February attempt at getting pregnant resulted in a chemical pregnancy or something. There were just too many little weird abnormalities–like my BBT staying way up for about 5 days after my period started (when normally it drops the day or the day before my period). And the weird pink streaks mid cycle. The only way it makes any sense to me is if conception happened, but just didn’t stick.

And last month–nothin. No spotting or cramping or nausea. My temps were just as normal as can be. And I was unsurprisingly not pregnant.

The point is, I can ignore and dismiss all my other “signs” of pregnancy as psychosomatic. But I simply cannot ignore the pink streaks. Because not even I–the Queen of Faking Symptoms to Skip School can’t make my insides bleed. Unfortunately it’s not as if I can enjoy it and take it as a good sign because so far 100% of the attempts to get me pregnant have failed.

And that’s what will keep me up at night.


4 thoughts on “Imp-eror Strikes Back

  1. The lack of consistent information is infuriating. A lot of what IS available is anecdotal at best, and that information of course varies wildly.

    I experienced a lot of random breakthrough bleeding when I went off the pill. Bah. Why can’t we come with an ovulation on/off switch?

    Shortly after the pee stick confirmed what my Ramen craving clued us in on, I started having really persistant cramping. Cramping in early stages, of course, can evidence either implantation or miscarriage. I panicked. I read about every message board and article on the subject I could find. I fretted and stressed and willed everything to be okay.

    Not. cool.

    In short, I’m every so sorry. That just blows.

    • Hm. I haven’t considered it being a result of coming off the pill. But I’ve been off for over 7 months now and it’s never happened before, so I doubt if that’s it. It’s just so damned annoying because I could manage to not fret before and just go with the *ahem* flow. Now I’m in fret mode. Stupid pink TP…

      • I wasn’t specifically suggesting breakthrough bleeding in your case, but merely sympathizing in the bizarreness of post-pill secretions. They are maddening and seem like they should mean SOMETHING.

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