2WW insanity meets coolest pregnancy test ever.

Attention lurkers, I know you’re there. Help a sister out and comment with a link to your blog so that I may read it and stuff. Because God knows I need distraction right now. Seriously. Do it.

ANYWAY, If I don’t get knocked up this go-around, I’m investing in one of these Think Geek Pregnancy Tests. Not only is there a backlit LCD screen (which helps for early first morning urine pees–which if I’m honest occur at 3 AM), but it comes with 20 pee strips, so if (God help us) I am forced to test 20 times, we’ll save money in the long run. Plus lookadababysymbol. So cute.

Anyway, I have high hopes about this month. Not that those matter, yeah I know. But there have been times that I’ve been so confident about being pregnant I think of it as a given.  I catch myself thinking I ought to schedule an ultrasound before father’s day and prematurely freaking out about which midwife to choose. I should probably be committed. But the twinges! The aches! The woozys!

But then there are the times where I go 6 hours without feeling even the most mild discomfort and I throw myself  into a fit of despair and complete denial that I ever wanted a kid at all. I’ll even get huffy about it. “Fine.” I’ll think to my un un-conceived child. “If you don’t want to live here, that’s fine. See if we care. Look at us! We have all the fun without you! We watch movies late at night and we sleep in and we travel and do as we please. Yeah.  We’ll just go to Europe instead! And I will become a sultry blues singer and learn to make artisan cheese. And I’ll open a Think Geek Boutique WITHOUT YOU!”

So. That’s what’s going on over here. What about you?

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