Sex: Just do it. And TYPE it.

TTC, BD, DPO, AF. These acronyms meant nothing to me a few months ago before trying to concieve. The acronyms come from the many, many online forums which are a just the right combination of interesting and awful to keep me coming back.  Until today, I believed that worst part about these forums, aside from the rampant misspellings, is the overabundance of acronyms.  I can kinda understand “TTC” as “trying to concieve” and “DPO” as “days post ovulation.” But I cannot and will not get behind acronyms made from childish slang.

For example, saying “AF” to mean “Aunt Flo” is obnoxious when you could just say menstruation or period or on the rag. “Od” is confusing because I never know if the person ovulated or orgasmed. But the WORST is “BD” meaning “Baby Dance”  because it implies the writer is uncomfortable with the word “sex” but is theoretically having sex enough to frequent the forum.

I really couldn’t imagine finding anything more obnoxious than BD to describe sex.  I was wrong. Animated emoticons are the worst.  Example A must be shown in context.  Full post here.

“And no, I don’t know for def when I OV… I’ve started charting etc since yesterday and even then I saw a huge drop in my temp this morning. Which I now know means AF haha. I will be carrying on with temping and stuff and still every other day until I get to know when I actually OV. I might have just strated ovulating late? I don’t know haha.”

Yes.  Instead of writing “sex” the author instead replaced the word not with the ever obnoxious “BD,” but two globular, anthropomorphic emoticons humping on a never-ending loop on a bed with a rubber headboard.

You tell me which is worse.


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