The Pregnant Girl Lottery

It’s all or nothing in the pregnant girl lottery.

We’ve been checking my hGC because there’s a slight concern for ectopic pregnancy because my left-side stabbing pains. On Friday I was thrilled to hear that my levels were doubling and  that they were going to test them one more time and order an early ultrasound. (So THAT’s how you get an early ultrasound!) I was thrilled! Plus I hadn’t felt the stabby pains since Tuesday, and I was just POSITIVE that I had won the pregnant girl lottery–no morning sickness, no food aversion, relatively high energy, clear glowing skin, and an increased love for salads with vinaigrette. Plus I would soon be able to see my baby in an early ultrasound. Life was perfect.

But allllll day yesterday the stabbing returned, but as more of a dull ache. And now I’m worried and waiting.

Likely I’ll have an ultrasound next week. Which may be too early to see or hear anything, but we’ll check it out just to be sure. I’m sick of holding back in celebrating.  Getting pregnant is only half the battle–you have to STAY pregnant too. And this part just sucks. I can’t wait until we hear a heartbeat and see it clinging to my uterus like it’s supposed to be. But until then, I cannot say for sure whether I’ve won the pregnant girl lottery.

One thought on “The Pregnant Girl Lottery

  1. That’s tough, and of course especially that early period is scary and worrisome. For what it’s worth, I had persistant pains in my right side for most of my first trimester. Sometimes it was a dull throb, sometimes sharp and stabby.

    Obviously, every situation is different and my anecdotal experience is hardly dispositive. Here’s hoping all is well with your little dude or dudette.

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