Debbie Downer Loves Outblush

I am terrified and excited for tomorrow’s ultrasound. I’m constantly lowering my expectations; and the fact that I’ve been spotting pink off and on since Sunday hasn’t hurt my attempt to be Debbie Downer. And while I know that many women spot during pregnancy, I also know from articles on Google Scholar that these same women have a much higher rate of miscarriage than women who don’t.

So just when I was thought it was time to temporarily ban myself from Google/Baby Center/all things baby-related, the lovely ladies at Outblush answered my personal shopper request for maternity coats. And they rock.  Just the sight of those gorgeous coats made me giddy and hopeful again. I went from imagining my imminent miscarriage to visions of me Christmas shopping in my sexy maternity trench complete with bombastic belly and a grin on my face.

Which just goes to show that the pregnant woman’s brain is a confusing quickly-oscillating mass between exhilarating hope and absolute despair.

So which coat should I buy? Or, since I just flashed to a moment of despair: if I don’t hear a heartbeat tomorrow, what frivolous item should I spend my maternity coat money on to help ease the pain?


Another Maternity Blogger/ Debbie Downer

One thought on “Debbie Downer Loves Outblush

  1. The trenches were ADORABLE. Definitely an Outblush homerun on those.

    You’ll be on my mind tomorrow. I’m around to talk until about 3 PM your time, so give me a call at any point you want or need to.

    P.S. I had an employee at Target inform me that I look “ready to pop at any minute.” I have another 6+ weeks until my due date. *sob*

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