Periods While Pregnant?

Nurse Ratchet called back and says my hCG is in a normal range. The actual number was way less than I thought it should be, but I suppose it’s possible that it has already slowed down.

But then she said the doctor wanted another ultrasound in two weeks. And I forgot to ask why. I’m completely worn out. I’ve got a cold and my brain feels like its sat in our deep freezer. Nausea has kicked in which must be a good sign? It had better be because it’s miserable.

And worst of all, I started spotting again. Is this just something I’m going to have to get used to? Is it just gonna be like this? Because every time I get confident and comfortable BLOOD shows up. Going to the bathroom is an expletive-inducing experience. I curse like an old constipated man every time I see pink on my toilet paper or that awful mauvish brown on my underwear. Am I one of those rare women featured on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” who is cursed to have periods throughout her pregnancy? This is not what I signed up for.

Which reminds me, you MUST watch that show. If you have not seen it, you are truly missing out. It’s always the same story–the women have really infrequent cycles, they bleed all throughout their unknown pregnancies, and they start to have really bad “stomach pains” one day. And then LOOK! It’s a baby! And yeah, some of the women are stupid, but it’s a much smaller fraction than you might guess.  My favorite one is when the overweight infertile woman thinks she’s having gas whenever she felt her baby kick. Then one day she delivers a baby girl in her toilet. It sounds so awful and callous, but it was a miracle and they were so happy for it. It makes you sob.  Then there’s the one about this incredibly stupid teenager for whom the public educational system failed so completely she could also have been the star of “I Didn’t Know I Was Sentient.”

Either way, it’s a laugh or thrill a minute.


6 thoughts on “Periods While Pregnant?

  1. There’s a Firefly Quote for that!®

    Zoë: You sanguine about the kinda reception we’re apt to receive on an Alliance ship, Captain?
    Mal: Absolutely. What’s “sanguine” mean?
    Zoë: Sanguine. Hopeful. Plus, point of interest, it also means “bloody”.
    Mal: Well, that pretty much covers all the options, don’t it?

    Fingers still firmly crossed for y’all!

  2. “I Didn’t Know I was Sentient.”


    That show is amazing. It never fails to astound me that there are enough women who just don’t know they’re pregnant to fill up time slots for the show, but it is always absurdly fascinating.

    Pregnancy nausea showed up around 8 weeks for me and hung around until almost week 13 on the nose. I wish you less trips to hurl than I had, or none at all.

    Sleep. Now. No, really.

  3. I’m not actually embroidering anything. I just made a comment about how that name would look good on a pillow.

    Good luck with the nausea. I also wish you less trips to hurl than I had. 🙂

  4. My wife spotted several time while pregnant with our first son. We thought for sure she would miscarry, but she didn’t. So, you may being having a similar pregnancy.

    Yes, I’ve seen that show. Some women on the pill also have periods throughout pregnancy if they keep taking the pill. Yet, they didn’t know they were pregnant so they would stop taking the pill.

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