Last Week You Were a Female

Sort of. And this week you still might be….

And if it weren’t for the Y chromosome sending testosterone triggering the female-default genital cells to turn into little penis and scrotum and testicle and (my least favorite) vas deferens cells, all of us would use lady scented body wash. So fetus, lets talk, woman to (former?) woman, about your life.

If you are a girl, I will give you dolls and trucks and puzzles.  If you are a boy, I will give you dolls and trucks and puzzles.  You can have boy friends and girl friends. Regardless of your gender, you can dream of being a stay at home parent or a video game designer. You can wear whatever damn color you please. You can cook, or dance, or sing in choir, or if you really want to freak me out, you can join wrestling team. Don’t expect me to understand or enjoy sports, but I will watch you play whatever sport you desire.

But there are things you may not do. You may not declare that you are “bad at math” or reading or speech class or science and decide not to try. You may not go to law school (at least know I strongly discourage it). You may not decide to assign genders to tasks that have none–like emptying the garbage or doing the dishes or yard work or toilets.

As for me, I will defend your right to audition for an opposite-gender role in the school play. I will try to shelter you from the worst of the smut that will teach you to objectify women or objectify yourself. I will not buy you Bratz dolls. I might buy you a Barbie, but only if you decide you want one and only if you get one with a real job, and only after we have a long talk about how completely impossible her body shape is in real life and how women don’t look like that. Regardless of your gender, I will talk to you about eating disorders, pornography, teen pregnancy, STDs, and drugs.

And ultimately, I’ll love you no matter what you become. Even though just last week you were a default female fetus, and the size of a grape, and extremely delicate. 20 years from now you will be tough. You will be kind. You will be smart.  These attributes know no gender.

4 thoughts on “Last Week You Were a Female

  1. Fantastic. I have a hard time explaining to ppl that even though I’m not finding out the baby’s sex beforehand, I’ll still dress a girl in dresses and pink, just not exclusively. There wasn’t anything in my niece’s closet (or toy box) that wasn’t pink before she was even born.
    Made an appt for a tour of the xtreme birth center yesterday, complete with a video. Want to bet it will be the same one? Thanks for all the info, pp hemoraging was my concern, now I know how to ask and what a good reply is! 🙂

    • Congrats! I made my first appointment with the hippie birth center. They’re being really cool and letting me come in and check the heartbeat without charging me since I’ve been Bleedy McSpotterson. Hopefully we’ll hear it. This Friday it’s 10 weeks, so there’s a chance it could go either way and still be fine.

      And I’m with you on the pink stuff. I don’t mind pink, but greens are so much preferable.

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