Me: “Look honey! Tomorrow our baby will be the size of a prune!”

Him: “How big’s a prune???”


Him: “Anyone young enough to have a baby doesn’t know how big a prune is. This website is terrible.”

Me: “Agreed.”

6 thoughts on “Prunes

  1. I remember those early days of pregnancy where the wife would inform me weekly what fruit/vegetable/other food product our child was current the size of. I found it odd that it was always a food product that the unborn child was the size of.

  2. Bah. Mr. Funkhouser has never battled gut-wrenching morning sickness based on the faith that something actually is going on inside. Those “food size” milestones made me feel like we were actually making some progress, though.

    I prefer the BabyCenter food size comparisons to The Bump’s. A kumquat? Tangy and exotic. A prune? Really now? A prune?

    • I like the progress component of the milestones, but I wish they would compare little seamonkey to something a bit more uniform.

      A grape? Well, what kind of a grape? Table grape? Seedless? Green? Red? Wine grape?

      A blueberry? Oregon or Californian? I usually end up more frustrated that enlightened. Or I go with the variety of said food item that makes me feel the most accomplished.

      There’s also something about it that’s very Katamari Damacy. I think I will create a new system wherein all babies are compared to things from Katamari and the King will tell you your baby is very Plants-ish or something.

      • Katamari Damacy pregnancy milestones = very yes.

        As far as the uniformity issue goes, I do remember that somewhere on BabyCenter there’s a slideshow that has the relevant fruit or whatever but also has a quarter in the picture so even if you’re not familiar with the food itself, you can see how it compares. I thought that was the most helpful scale I found.

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