Woe is Me.

Today was not what we call an awesome day to be another maternity blogger.

I was leered at by opposing counsel. No, I am not flattering myself. He was a creepy-ass leg-leering bastard, and next time I see him I will be in the least flattering pantsuit I can find. Not that you can stop harassers by dressing in a burka, but I’ll at least feel better once my calves are covered.

Second, I started bleeding. Spotting, technically (because it’s not yet profuse), but it’s not brown like it has been for the last 4 weeks, it’s red. Like red red.

Third, my doppler came in the mail and I was still unable to find a heartbeat (but on a positive note, awesome free 2-day shipping!).

Fourth, the stress is causing my heartbeat to be WAY too high 120 bpm. Not so hot. (And I’m positive it’s not baby’s)

Fifth, I had to leave my husband up at the coast. And I am alone in my house with my dog.

Sixth, the dog is incredibly flatulent.

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