To Do:

I fear I will be not pregnant for a while. To freak me out, the doc said it might take 12 weeks for my period to start AFTER my bleeding stops. Well, it’s been over a week. Can I please stop bleeding yet?

“At least now I can go water skiing.” I sniffled to the doc.

“Yeah! And have a margarita!” She exclaimed. I then turned to my husband and said in all seriousness, “I just might.” If you haven’t gathered by now, we’re Mormon. And we follow at least 80% of the weird extra mormon commandments like not drinking. While I’m sure I could justify some home-brewed (or…locally brewed?) beer under ye olde W.O.W., what I REALLY want is a pina colada with some pineapple rum. Unfortunately with the fear of hellfire and retribution, I can’t quite bring myself to do it, but man I was close.

Anyway, barring any drinking binges, here’s what I’ve got planned for the rest of this woefully unpregnant summer:

1. Go water-skiing. One footed.

2. Go jet-skiing (Yes, I will add each watersport as a separate line item to make my life appear more full on paper)

3. Go wake boarding

4. Eat real tiramisu

5. Grill rare steaks

6.  Eat unpasteurized cheese

7. Jump on a trampoline with reckless abandon (I confess to bouncing lightly during pregnancy. I am positive this did not kill the baby, but I still feel guilty about it.)

8. Jump on my husband with reckless abandon (fear of bleeding made our sex life a bit too…careful to be very interesting)

9. Exercise more than just stretching (again, the on and off bleeding made exercising a worrisome activity)

10. Soak in a hot tub until I feel woozy

11. Sit in a sauna until I feel woozy

12. Perhaps find a rollercoaster

What am I forgetting? What else shall I do?

5 thoughts on “To Do:

  1. As long as you’re listing watersports separately, how about spa events separately? Sit in a steam room until you feel woozy. Get a real massage.
    Also, the caffeine restriction (WoW, not preganacy) is making this suggestion list a little harder – drink cups and cups of whatever hot beverage you allow yourself- I read something about avoiding tea in pregnancy, but all I’ve been reading recently is Agatha Christie and it makes me want tea!! So maybe herbal if you stay away from all hot caffeinated beverages.
    Paint something in a poorly ventilated area. Well, maybe that’s never a good idea.
    Most importantly, make it a summer of doing whatever makes you happy.

  2. Heavy lifting just because you can.

    I know you’re not a fan of sushi, so instead I suggest just running down the list of all the other pregnancy-forbidden foods and having a heyday. Eat swordfish and even shark with reckless abandon. Smoked salmon. Eggs over easy. Raw cookie dough, and gobs of it. Drink Mountain Dew like the wind! Make a more than slightly boozy rum cake like I may or may not have served you about a year ago.

    Anything that involves a helmet or bullets is a likely candidate. Rock climbing! Skeet shooting! A motorscooter or motorcycle!

  3. I’ve seen a fantastic looking amusement park on the drive from Portland to Eugene. I believe it is called Enchanted Forest. I’m sure they have some very exciting rollercoasters for you to go on.

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