The Bitch is Back

Welcome back, menstrual cycle! It seems like only yesterday I was wondering whether my Costco-sized box of tampons would “expire” whilst you were away. Do tampons expire at all?  Well, I guess we won’t have to worry about that anymore that you’re here.

Logically I know that your return a mere 32 days after my miscarriage is a good thing. I know that it means I’ll get to try, try again and I’ll once again be on my sweet way to motherhood and eternal family bliss and the end of awkward questions at church. But frankly, you shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be having a period right now. I shouldn’t have to deal with blood leaking out of my vag until January. And that blood should be heralding the arrival of my first born.That’s part of the deal.

So I’m not thrilled. It’s not the best. “Trying” to become pregnant is stressful, and I do not look forward to the two week wait(s) and worrying about whether the next one will stick.  But I suppose it’s better than the alternative of waiting 12 weeks.  I’m ready to get this show on the road.

Which brings me to medical professionals. Miscarriage doc said “wait two cycles.” Newly-minted D.O. sister in law says “wait three cycles so I’m not worried about the next one” (HUH? This led to our not speaking for days).  As the weeks wore on, I knew there was no way in hell I was going to wait two, much less three cycles. Thank goodness for my superior research skills and this lovely lit review on the interpregnancy interval between miscarriage and new pregnancy which says “there is no evidence to suggest that delaying pregnancy following an uncomplicated miscarriage is beneficial for the next pregnancy. Couples should try for another pregnancy once they feel physically and mentally ready for it.”

So readers, let’s create a baby-making soundtrack (you know, to help me get mentally AND physically ready *wink*). Submit your favorite tunes and I promise we will at least chuckle about them.

14 thoughts on “The Bitch is Back

  1. Facetiously I would suggest “Let’s get it on” (my favorite part is when he promises he won’t push her to have sex, then says “so come on come on come on stop beating around the bush” that song is full of beautiful double entendres.

    In beautiful seriousness I would suggest “Marriage for eternity.” You’re trying to form an eternal family, and so it would be most important to begin that as celestially as possible. MoTab also really gets us going wink wink.

  2. Also I like that I now know your cycle. It helps when you are, in fact, super cranky. I think “ahh. She is greeting her fertility and does not want to be distracted by things like a muddy dog or burgers that taste like soup. She wants to give all her attention to her uterus, and that is why she can be a wee bit sharp when I interfere with that.” Awesome. I look forward to the hormonal roller coaster ride you’ll hopefully soon be boarding. Yah!

    And don’t fall into a hormonal anger/weepfest over that comment. I’m just teasing. You’re delightful

  3. Ha. I started my period yesterday too after a very long cycle (49 days?) WTF? I was starting to get excited that maybe I was prego, but alas, it was not the case. So, here’s to tampons and happy trying!

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