A Bloody Battlefield

One friend mentioned that the internet was aching for my words. I don’t believe her, and I feel too busy to do anything but work and make hurried attempts at procreation…and read Feminist Mormon Housewives. I have priorities.

So anyway, today on fMh I read a comment so hilarious it made me wish I had a sex-related blog share it. Oh…I do, I remembered. The topic was menarche (a woman’s first menstrual period). Here’s the comment:

My husband got the period sex talk from his brother. This is what he said.
“Boy, its a piss-poor soldier who can’t wade through a bloody battlefield.”
In my marriage it is up to me. I opt out on heavy/uncomfortable days.

So readers, what are your thoughts? Do you wade the bloody battlefield or keep the soldiers at rest? Me first? Oh, fine.

When I’m not attempting to procreate, I have sex during my period probably just as much as at any other time. The day before the first day of my period I’m usually too snippy and mean to get any action. But after a day or so into it, our marriage has usually recovered enough to once again embark on our marital rites. I appreciate the extra lube, and if you keep something to sop it all up with, it usually doesn’t create too terrible of a mess.

Let’s hear it. It seems either way you’ll be in good company.

7 thoughts on “A Bloody Battlefield

  1. It’s typically my call. If I’m feeling frisky, it’s all good. Game on. A really heavy day, we’d typically forego.

    I can also understand why people avoid sex during menstruation. Different strokes and all.

  2. Haha, I feel like this kind of is a sex blog. At least a little.
    In the beginning, we were all about it. Now adays, it’s often “ugh, too many extra steps”. Mainly due to my husbands tendency to be frisky IN THE DEAD of night when some people would really love to stay asleep.

  3. With the anovulation that goes along with PCOS, we’ve solved the question a slightly different way. Instead of not having sex, I just generally don’t have the period. Keeps things simpler. Except for that whole procreating bit.

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