I can’t express how awful August was. But for a weird long while I’ve had September in my brain as the month where all good things will happen. It was even the month I decided I would try to concieve our kid back before the ill-fated decision of “why wait?” September has always held magic for me. The change of seasons. The new school year. New pens and new paper and new clothes. As an adult it means cooler weather, garden harvest, labor day picnics, and the end of my husband being out of town for work.  I love it. Always have. It might be my favorite month.

And so far this September has not dissapointed. We’re only two days into it and:

– I was able to hang out with friends for the first time in weeks and it soothed my soul

– The other attorney in my office took me out to lunch in exchange for dropping off some documents at probate court (where I was going anyway)

– I got into a choir (WOOHOO! I really needed a weekly, predictable, good thing in my life)

So here’s to September.

2 thoughts on “September

  1. I love September too!! It is always amazing. Unfortunately, it appears as though my 2011 September is going to be less than stellar. Here’s hoping you can have your usual good September AND my usual good September. I will commence sending my good September vibes your way.

  2. Yay! Here’s to september. I was actually stopping by to say how much I missed your posts, though I understand why you’ve been quiet, and here’s a new one! Now maybe some more sex tips?

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