Family Picture

I asked my photographer if she could tack on a quick family session after I get my business headshots done. After all, the dog was going to be there. Why not have my husband stop in?

I realized then how we have not had a professional photograph since our wedding four years ago. And even then, “professional” is a bit of a stretch when describing our terrible wedding photographer. Anyway. This is the family I have had for four years. The dog has been in our family for the last two. This is what we are right now, and I’m glad we’ll get to capture it.

I showed my husband the photographer’s portfolio over dinner. We’re masochists so we took a peek at her maternity and baby photos. They were gorgeous. I think we’ve all seen creepy belly shots on awkward family, but this was different. There’s just something so otherworldly about bare-bellied pregnant women. One of the thoughts that haunts me daily now is how I should have a cute belly at this point. And I know most of my friends who read this aren’t into them, but I’m definitely going to capture my pregnancy on camera–if I ever get pregnant.

Fortunately before we took ourselves too seriously and started sobbing at our misfortune, my friend Mhana called to ask what we were doing. When we told her, she assumed we were currently shopping and naturally thought it was a little soon to be selecting a pregnancy photographer. I disagreed, noting that if we were going to capture the pregnancy, it might as well begin at conception. This thoroughly creeped everyone out.


5 thoughts on “Family Picture

  1. I actually love maternity pictures (albeit fully clothed maternity pictures). It’s definitely a time in your life to record, if there ever was one. And if I could have afforded a professional maternity photo shoot I definitely would have gone for one. As it was, we had my sister take some snaps of us with her awesome camera up at Timpanogos park, and some of them turned out quite lovely. One of which I had printed on a canvas and is hanging on the wall above my head right now. I’m certain your future maternity shots are going to be marvelous. 🙂

  2. I hope you promise to do a least a FEW creepy baby shots. If you feel uncomfortable, I would be HAPPY to oblige. Stephanie’s in-laws take the cake. There should be some of your husband staring longingly and borderline hungrily at your belly button. Also, you should have one of you totally naked wearing only strategically place wide ribbon. I don’t think maternity pictures are inherently creepy. I just think that they all to often end up that way with weird posing. Also, you should capture you trying to teach something in utero. Like maybe Husband could play the recorder at your tummy as you look down benignly. I am getting excited about this.

  3. I meant if you feel uncomfortable asking a professional. I assume that since you are having someone capture conception then you will feel at home having creepy belly shots as a Family Home Evening activity.

  4. I mostly don’t understand the weirdo maternity shots that Mhana described. Nevertheless,my unclothed pregnant belly appeared other-worldly in an extraterrestrial invader sort of way.

    I did a photo shoot with my friend who has a nice camera and wanted some practice taking shots. It was fun and a few of them turned out cute.

    Don’t look at these if they will make you sad, but this underwater maternity shot is one of the most beautiful, elegant things I’ve ever seen.

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