I Am a Mutant!

I got a new doctor a couple weeks ago. He’s a male OB, but I’ll forgive him that because he has the kindliest eyes and he specializes in helping pregnant women stay pregnant and diagnosing folks like me. So anyway, today he called with the GOOD news that I have a MTHFR mutation which is a likely factor in my recurrent miscarriages. Hooray! I’m so happy!

Not all doctors believe that the mutation is the cause of recurrent miscarriage because not all people with the mutation have recurrent miscarriages, but I do. The mutation can (but does not in every person) affect the way the body processes homocysteine. A buildup of homocysteine can cause blood clots in the placenta which deprive the fetus of nutrients and cause miscarriage. Inconclusively, however. It’s not a strong link to miscarriage like antiphospholipid syndrome, but it’s possible and still being researched. I guess it’s kinda hard to create a good study when the mutation only actually affects some people and I realize there’s no way to conclusively prove that it affected me. But I’m going to go with it. Three consecutive miscarriages for absolutely no reason seems beyond bad luck. In fact, the stats are less than 1%.

I’m frankly relieved that there’s something wrong with me. And that it’s treatable. Super doses of B-6 and folic acid should take care of it, and if they don’t, I can get on blood thinners during my next pregnancy.

Which brings me to my rant on doctors–WHERE DO THEY GET OFF!? My earlier doctors at UltraMegaGlobalSuck found the same mutation after miscarriage #2 and they said “It’s not a problem.”

1. Why even TEST for it if you don’t think that a mutation of MTHFR is a problem?

2. If the “unproven” treatment is a harmless super dose of VITAMINS why the F$*% wouldn’t you recommend it as a “can’t hurt, might help.” If the studies are inconclusive and if reasonable doctors disagree about whether it’s an “actual, proven, tested for 10 years” cause WHY THE HELL would you PRESUME it is not the cause when the treatment is SO EFFING SIMPLE, and at worst–ineffective.

If it wasn’t the cause, I would be no worse off. But if it was–and a great many researchers( including my new Twinkle-eyed Physician) believe that it’s likely–and if ALL I had to do was pop a few extra pills every day and I would still be pregnant with pregnancy #3 and not careen into a pit of despair and gloom and unmotivated melancholy, don’t you think it would be worth it? HOW, I ask you, does it show any concern for my overall health to IGNORE research that contradicts your view and not present it to me when the treatment is HARMLESS?

I dislike them. I dislike them a great deal.

11 thoughts on “I Am a Mutant!

  1. What. The. Crap. That mutation is common enough among IF cases that they SHOULD have done something. Baby aspirin, vitamins, a simple solution. *sputter sputter rage*

    I’m furious with your other doctors but soooo so happy for you that you have a name you can put on it now and a treatment you can pursue. Hooray for kindly, competent doctors!

  2. I also thought that you were alluding to an expletive. 😀 So, here is my comment to express love and happiness and avoid the hatred which you promised on Facebook. 😛

    I’m insanely happy for you, and am looking forward to the day that I get the word that I may crochet you something tiny and adorable, but also totally freakin’ awesome.

  3. This is definitely a time for rejoicing. I’m so glad you got a new doctor. Kind eyes are worth a lot, in my book. Keep us posted!!

  4. I am really glad you have found a doctor who is willing to take your MTHFR seriously. I agree with you that 3 miscarriages does not seem normal and just “unlucky”. You might want to ask your doctor about L-methylfolate. It sounds like you are heterozygous for the MTHFR polymorphism which is a less severe form but you still have a limited ability to break down synthetic folic acid (the type found in most supplements and enriched foods). This puts you at risk for folate deficiency related pregnancy complications. I work with NeevoDHA, a prenatal specifically indicated for women with MTHFR. It contains active, already broken down L-methylfolate as an alternative to synthetic folic acid. L-methylfolate bypasses the MTHFR mutation. It is 7 times more bioavailable than folic acid. It increases folate levels and decreases homocysteine levels more effectively than folic acid. It is something really safe you can do to be sure MTHFR-related folate deficiency will not be an issue while trying to conceive and during pregnancy.

    I don’t know if you are a member at Babycenter but there is a very large group of women with repeat pregnancy loss and MTHFR over there. I don’t think I have come across a woman on those boards with RPL who doesn’t have some form of the mutation. You might want to check it out. There are some really smart women over there who know a whole lot about MTHFR and many have gone on to have successful pregnancies by just taking the right type of folate.

    Your new doctor sounds great. I will keep my fingers crossed for you for a healthy and happy pregnancy in 2012. Best of luck!!

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