The Good Doctor

Whelp. I’m pregnant. 14 weeks, and all is well. I’ve been absent here because I couldn’t believe it/didn’t want to get my hopes up too much, etc. etc. But I’m back, and I have lots to say!

The specialist who diagnosed me with MTHFR has been absolutely wonderful. His eyes literally twinkle. He came in at our 9 week ultrasound, then stuck around to talk. Not only did he not rush out of the room, but he lingered. A doctor. Providing actual care. Actually listening. Giving me straight answers. I still can’t believe it.

Turns out I’ve got the mutation on BOTH genes–not just the one like I had been told by the previous evil docs. Nope. Homozygous. My body simply does not deal with folic acid like a normal person’s. I’m taking 4000 mcg of bio-available L-methylfolate, avoiding normal folic acid (difficult to do in the world of enriched flours), and taking a low-dose Aspirin daily. And if this jumping baby is any indication, it’s working. It’s also speculated that people with MTHFR mutations have a greater difficulty in processing out toxins, so I’ve switched to organic stuff whenever I can, and I’ve been anal about what’s in my cleaning products and body lotions.

Anyway, the Good Doctor is known around town. And it’s no wonder–I decided to look up the Good Doctor’s cred and he’s published over 100 articles on obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine. It bugs me to no end when doctors aren’t reading the research–and this guy is creating it!

He asked me who my OB was going to be, and I said I hoped to use a midwife. I was expecting to get some push-back, but I should have known better. Of course a researcher would know that midwives are awesome. Since MTHFR doesn’t affect labor and delivery, he says I’m golden.  I needed only to say my midwife’s first name–they knew her–and sent her my records immediately. Later at my first midwife’s appointment they told me that the Good Doctor is their #1 advocate. What a stud. Seriously.

After having such a horrendous time at UltraMegaGlobalSuck, I realize how incredibly important finding the right provider is to pregnancy. I should have jumped ship as soon as I realized they didn’t like giving me straight answers. It was luck, not research that landed me into the specialist’s office, but I wish I could go back in time. I almost certainly could have avoided the 3rd miscarriage if I had been properly treated.

Ah, well. This Christmas baby will be a miracle. It’s due at the last possible moment before my insurance expires. Hopefully it will come right on time and save me from a hideous COBRA payment.

One LAST thing I love about the Good Doctor and his office are the amazing ultrasound equipment and techs. My techs have always been able to find the baby instantly and take gorgeous shots. One even snuck me a CD with a short clip of my baby jumping after I poked ’em 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Good Doctor

  1. Can our new game be thinking of Christmas baby names please? Great. I am voting for Stella, Noel, Carol, Melchior, Mary, Fir, LaGifta, Jingle, Tannen, Joseph, Gaspar, Joy, Virginia, Merry, Eve, Gloria, Balthasar, Holly, Nicholas, BethLe’Hem, Angela, Gabriel, Hosanna, Natale. Helpful? You’re welcome.

  2. Oh, my heart is so happy. Congratulations!! It’s the eventually necklace. As soon as I got mine, I got a pregnancy to stick. 🙂 Hooray! I’m a December 26th baby–so hooray for Christmas babies!

    Also, SO HAPPY you found a provider who suits you.

  3. Yay! This is the best post ever. Yay for awesome doctors, and double yay for midwives. Can’t wait to follow along (if you keep posting, that is). Congratulations again and again, to you and Logan both.

  4. This makes me so excited for you and I haven’t even met you, but I love reading your blog. Happy thoughts coming your way!

    • He’s in maternal fetal medicine. He works in conjunction with another doc who specializes in getting infertile couples pregnant. My doc usually sees them after to rule out stuff like MTHFR and help them stay pregnant.

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