Soliciting Advice! Pregnancy Products Post

Hello Beautiful people,

My goal in life is to never spend money on anything unless it’s something I absolutely love or absolutely need. What pregnancy items did you absolutely love or absolutely need? Instead of general advice, if you have a certain brand you’re a fan of (or hate) I want to know. I’m specifically looking for…

1. Bras. I haven’t been able to fit into my pre-pregnancy bra since 4 weeks. I didn’t even know I was pregnant when I started undoing my bra strap on car rides because bras were so uncomfortable. I now take this to be my first sign of pregnancy, though I attributed it to the tit fairy. I went to Walmart for my current bra–a “Genie” bra. Very comfortable for the first few weeks, but now it’s losing its shape and the pads show through and if I don’t use the pads, the nips show. It’s not ideal. So what do I do now? 

2. Baby books. I know I won’t have time to read them later and I barely have time now. That is why the baby book must be EXCELLENT. I do want to do some sleep training. I’m skeptical about parenting styles in general (why must I ascribe to a style?) but I’m willing to listen if anyone feels strongly about them. I would be interested in reading health-related things, especially for the first month after birth. The ideal book would make me empowered, not paranoid or demoralized. Any recommendations on what to read/ what to stay away from?

3. Pregnancy books. A book with postpartum care would be good. I’m pretty well covered for these, but if you have any you absolutely love, let me know.

4. Clothes. I currently own 1 pair of maternity jeans and a few miscellaneous tops I prematurely purchased in previous pregnancies. I can fit into slacks that are up one size for work…for now. I really don’t want to spend a lot of money here, but I know I’ll need to expand the maternity wardrobe eventually. I wear telestial undies, so no worries there. What items could you not live without? 

5. Miscellaney. Body products, pillows, iphone aps, etc. 


And if any of you care, here are the pregnancy products that I LOVE right now:

1. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s line of products (thank you LitChick).

2. Sonaline-B Doppler – At $50, this has saved me so much anxiety and it’s cheaper than a session of therapy. I can just check in on the baby’s heartbeat whenever I want. I try not to do it all the time because I have unfounded hippie guilt about sending soundwaves into my uterus, but seriously. There’s no evidence that it harms them. I’ll say hello about once a week. Baby’s heart-rate is usually around 150.


10 thoughts on “Soliciting Advice! Pregnancy Products Post

  1. (1) Bras. Ugh. Bras are the worst. Especially post-partum when you are sore/engorged/trying to figure out the whole nursing thing. Good luck on that. The one bra I liked *during* pregnancy I got from Motherhood. Post-partum is a beast in itself. The only advice I have is to, sometime before giving birth, buy what stores usually call a sleep bra. Here is one:
    I basically lived in pj pants, this bra, and a cardigan, for the first month after Vivian was born. They are AWESOME.

    (2) The sleep training book I read was called Sleep Sense. I loved it, but it doesn’t work for everyone, as you probably can guess. I will refrain from telling you what I think you should avoid, because really, there have been many people who have found success with “programs” I think are more detrimental than beneficial. I have heard fantastic things about The Happiest Baby on the Block book that gives suggestions for dealing with colicky babies. I didn’t have to deal with that, but it’s apparently a life saver for some parents.

    (3) Nada.

    (4) I found a ruched-side tank top from Target that I ended up wearing under almost everything. It gave a lot of support and hid the ugly belly panels that some maternity pants have. Not sure what the brand is, but they are displayed front and center in most Target maternity sections. Actually, I think I saw them in gray, black, and white just the other day. In general, ruching on the sides is your friend. The tops w/o it really just look boxy and shapeless, especially in the later months. Show off your cute belly. My favorite maternity jeans are Gap, but that’s mostly because they have jeans that are long enough for me. I found a cute business skirt from Motherhood which is what I wore to the bar ceremony. I’d recommend there for pencil skirts and professional looking tops. Sometimes the selection is sketchy, but you can always go online.

    (5) I loved having a Boppy pillow after Vivian was born. Getting the hang of nursing and the different positions is not the easiest thing to do (esp with a big baby), and the pillow was really helpful. It also ended up being a great hangout for Vivian.

    I will email you if I think of other things.

  2. 1) Eventually I just stopped wearing bras because it hurt too much. I ended up wearing something like this all the time. Nursing tanks were pretty comfy—if you can handle a shelf bra.

    2) Happiest Baby on the Block helped a lot Eli’s first three months of life. He was angry to be out of the womb. Other than that, I stand by what I said before that you mostly wing it. Thousands of “sleep experts” are happy to sell promises of sleep for the low, low price of $29.99. I know people who have used Babywise and love it, but personally it wasn’t for me.

    I read at least parts of four different sleep training books and stressed myself out that my kid wasn’t responding. We did a week of modified “crying it out” about a month ago after Eli got in the bad habit of waking up every 20 minutes. And lo and behold, it worked though he still wakes up once a night to eat (waaaay better than up every 45 minutes). Your kid will have her or his own challenges, and you’ve got to be flexible to stay sane.

    3) I really like Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Henci Goer’s Thinking Woman’s Guide to Better Birth. Both don’t have that much about postpartum care, however.

    4) Ditto on side ruche tanks and side ruching. The best skirts I found were from Motherhood. I wish maxi skirts had as fashionable when I was gestating. Normal stretch wrap dresses fit my belly up until the very end.

    5) The Miracle Blanket is wonderful. I sort of wept when Eli was too big for it. I had a bad ass pair of compression socks for when things started swelling. They are hideous but effective—I still had ankles at 9 months pregnant.

  3. I thought of another baby product that I loved! Baby sleep sacks. They are pajamas with a bottom that is a sack instead of separate feet. They typically zip up. Since your little one is set to arrive in the middle of winter (like Vivian), I’d highly recommend investing in these. I have heard through the grapevine that some parents don’t like them, but I thought they were the best thing ever. The baby stays snug and warm at night and no worries about getting tangled in a blanket or kicking the blanket off. Also, they make middle of the night diaper changes super easy, because you don’t have to wrestle their feet back into tiny footie pajamas. If you plan to swaddle (which can either be a miracle or a disaster), these sleep sacks will be unnecessary for a while, as both would be too hot I think. But definitely keep these in mind.

    PS: It looks like my other comment about breast pumps got lost in the interweb. If you want me to give you my $0.02 on that subject, let me know.

    • I absolutely will. I’m going to do a baby registry one soon, so maybe that’ll be a good place for the discussion. I have almost no idea what to register for. I understand it will need some sort of a travel system. And a place to sleep. And I’m going to work at least part time, so a pump will be nice. Other than that–NO CLUE.

      So yes, stay tuned for the registry post.

  4. 1. I just picked up a coupla larger sized bras from Vicki’s. I didn’t love my nursing bras, either. I’d be interested in these recommendations as well, ‘specially the nursing ones, as I didn’t want anything to touch the ladies for at least 2 weeks postpartum.

    2. I know that lots of people have super-strong opinions about this. I read both Secrets of a Baby Whisperer and Babywise and I then used a modified version of the systems that worked for me. Say what you will, but my baby, who wasn’t the easiest sleeper naturally, started sleeping through the night on his own (no crying it out) at 8 weeks. Then he started teething, at 8 weeks, which threw everything for a loop. Do what you feel good about–people are going to judge you no matter what you do, so be true to yourself.

    3. I got nothing.

    4. Target has some good, inexpensive options. As well as H&M and ASOS. Mostly I lived in Maxi anything, though.

    5. I wish I’d had my iphone during pregnancy. I’d invest in a pregnancy pillow–it can definitely be used postpartum. Not pregnancy, but postpartum related, I’d recommend a good nursing chair. You’ll likely spend a lot of hours in it, so something to soothe the aching nether-parts (rather than a wood rocking chair like I have) is a necessity. Baby video monitor (truly saved this paranoid mama), lots of large swaddle blankets, a good pump (if you’re planning to nurse), &c. I realize this is a pregnancy, not baby post, so sorry for that.

    • No apologies! I’m soaking it all in. Good info, everyone. Though now I’m a little concerned about the hellfire that awaits my poor boobs. Guess there’s no way around it.

      • The first month of breastfeeding was rough. It’s all about positioning and latch and sometimes trying to persuade a floppy, beet red with screamer beast fury infant that the nipple you are shaking in front of her/his face will produce the food s/he is so desperately seeking. It gets a lot better. Promise.

  5. You might check with your midwife to see if she has any recommendations on bras or also check with your local lactation center. I got my nursing bra at the latter and it worked really well for me, although I can’t recall at the moment what kind it was. I’d generally just recommend steering clear of any underwires pre- and post-partum.

    No real suggestions on books. I will echo what litchick said, though, in that you’ll have to modify whatever system you have to fit your child, so don’t worry too much if you don’t find the one true gospel of sleeping or whatever right away.

    The clothes I liked the best I got from Motherhood, although Target also has good ones. I personally liked the empire waist shirts best but the ruched ones are also good. My favorite clothing item I ever got during pregnancy, though, was the pair of pajama pants I bought from Motherhood somewhere around month seven. At that point I couldn’t fit into any of my other pajamas (even my yoga pants had given up) but I was resisting buying new ones that I would only need for a couple of months. I finally caved and bought some pajama pants that were soft and grey and like triple-extra-large (I prefer baggy comfy pjs) and they were the best thing I have ever worn. Angels may or may not have sung me to sleep that night.

    I would also suggest picking up a good body pillow. Don’t fall for the special, super-expensive “pregnancy pillows” that are shaped like donuts in the outline of Mr. Potato Head. A regular one will be just fine. It saved my back so many times during the last few months, although the husband did start making jokes about it coming between us toward the end (I think he called it the “impenetrable wall” or something like that).

    I second the Boppy recommendation, although I know other people prefer the “My Breast Friend” version.

    If you don’t already have the Kindle app on your iPhone, get it now (and start stocking it up) because being able to read one-handed while you’re breastfeeding or rocking a baby to sleep during those long nights is a godsend.

    I’m sure I’ll think of some more things later, but that’s the list for now.

  6. I second the Motherhood sleep bra mentioned by Megan in comment #1. They’ve held up well to hand washing through two babies already, though I could only nurse a short while. I’ve been wearing my old regular nursing bra for a few months now (only 1 more month to go!) that I got from Motherhood. It too has held up well, though it’s nothing special.

    For books, I checked pretty much all of them out from the library and it was good enough for me to get their info and modify it to my kid. Strategies that worked for one didn’t work on the next, and vice versa. I wouldn’t waste money buying a book until you’ve checked it out first.

    I’ve lived with one pair of jeans and one pair of khakis through all three of my pregnancies. This time around I’ve added two maxi skirts and they have been fantastic. Anything that covers the legs, negating the need to shave is a life saver. And they’re ugly, but I have a pair of croc clogs that I wear around the house and they have saved my poor swollen feet and aching back. Most women puff up at the end or right after birth, so having a pair of shoes you don’t need to squeeze feet into was really handy. And I second, or third, the comment about side ruched shirts being comfy and stylish.

    I have a boppy, but find that its always slipping away. Considering attaching a piece of elastic and a button or velcro around the open side so that I can keep it close to my body when nursing so baby doesn’t slip down into the abyss. If I had extra money I’d try out the Breast Friend pillow. A body pillow have been really handy at this stage two to help support the belly and hips.

    Sleep sacks are my favorite thing EVER for night time. My second was a winter baby and it was so nice to do a quick zip to get to the diaper once he was past the swaddling stage. If at all possible, do NOT buy infant footie outfits with buttons, no matter how cute they are. You will get plenty of them at your baby shower. It’s hard to find zip ones sometimes, but the button ones are wretched. It was an opportunity for baby to hear his first swear words in the middle of the night as I fumbled to do up those [insert swear word of choice here] buttons and realized at the end that I was off somewhere, or his little legs would poke out between the buttons. I’ve found most of mine at Fred Meyer in the Gerber brand.

  7. Here are my two sense, take it for what it’s worth, cause I ain’t no expert.

    Bras-Can’t really help you there, I have one bra I wear, every day, it’s a VS and I love it. Sadly I never had to get a bigger bra, but I wish I needed to. However, I have a bra I LOVED LOVED for the first few months of nursing, here’s a link to it, it’s a sleep bra, and was awesome for sleeping in and holding pads in place so I didn’t wake up in a puddle of milk. Sick.

    Sleep training: Read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby, it’s the only one I’ve “read” and it’s “good”. I say that loosely because really, I never fully read it, just pieces here and there, and basically did whatever I pleased…and asked my sister what she did and tried to do somewhat the same. I started sleep training at two months, didn’t work, so stopped and started again at 4. He’s an awesome sleeper, you just have to be ok with hearing your baby cry for awhile. I’d let him cry for 10-15 minutes, go in and rub his head or stomach, just to let him him know, I hear you and I’m here, but you’re ok and need to go to sleep on your own. I had a whiny baby, so I think God blessed me with a whiny baby who could at least sleep at night if nothing else. It was a rough few months.
    I don’t follow what any book says, I know my baby better than a book does, so, I just do what I feel is right.

    Clothes: I bought one pair of maternity pants, some jeans, from the Gap. Loved loved loved them. Who knew maternity pants were so comfy?! I found I had lots of shirts I could make work for being pregnant, and I borrowed from friends. I couldn’t justify buying lots of clothes that would only be worn for a few months and then I’d later look at them with disgust.

    Ok, as for products I LOVE, here goes:
    SwaddleMe’s, they’re awesome and make changing your baby in the middle of the night so easy. You can change their diaper while keeping them swaddled and it rocks. HIGHLY recommend them. Preston slept in his swaddleme for a good 4 months, we still swaddle him, just not his arms anymore.
    A good diaper bag…not actually a necessity, but I have a the Vera Bradly diaper bag and like it, mostly I love that it can be thrown in the wash if it gets dirty, but I’ve heard Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are where it’s at…but they’re far more pricey and I’m a cheapskate.
    A swing. We borrowed one from a friend, and if it wasn’t for the swing, I don’t think Preston would have ever had naps. It was a lifesaver for a good threeish months.

    A product I’d recommend for pregnancy, Mustela Double Action stretch mark lotion, I don’t know if you have any already, but I used this stuff (so did Britt) and we’re both stretch mark free. Highly recommend it.

    Ok, now that I wrote you a novel, I’ll stop.

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