Boris or Natasha?

Today is my 18 weekaversary. I’ve been feeling generally pretty good except yesterday when I got a bad case of toothbrushing-induced nausea that wouldn’t leave until I heaved. The timing was particularly bad. I was driving to work when the overwhelming sensation of nausea hit me. Fortunately I was able to safely pull over, fling the contents out of a shopping bag, and puke with only minimal casualties to my only pair of maternity jeans. And yes, I had to spend the rest of the day smelling of stale parmesan.

But other than THAT and headaches, I’ve been feeling awesome. I seem to sleep better and wake to pee less often in the 2nd trimester than in the 1st, which was a welcome surprise to me. I think I’m starting to show, no matter what the other participants of my law school reunion believed (of course, I weighed about the same then as I do now, 4.5 months pregnant, so I can understand the confusion). I have a pile of pregnancy clothes I’m borrowing from a friend, and with some help and inspiration from friends, I’ve started my baby registry.

Baby seems to be doing well, for all I know. Heart-rate is still around 150 or so, and I’m locating it just under my belly button. I feel lots of swishing which could just as easily be baby or gas, but I’ve had a few distinct kicks and punches which amuse me. A lot. Last night my arm was resting on my midsection and I felt the kick outside AND inside, so it won’t be too long before I have shark-fin belly–an event I sincerely hope ushers in Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. And despite the kicks, I’m still suspicious that all of this is a dream.

In just TWO DAYS we get to find out whether we’re having: a Boris or a Natasha, a goose or a dragon, a boy-type Ranma or a girl-type Ranma, a feMANist or a feminist. I’m beyond excited. I have no intuition about what it is–and any intuition I may have had has been double and triple guessed so much that I’m not even sure what I think. And I’m glad, because it doesn’t matter what I think. Here are the gender predictions so far:

Mayan Calendar – girl

Chinese Zodiac – boy

Baking Soda test – girl

Ring over the belly – boy 

Fetal Heart-rate – girl

Carrying low – boy

Morning Sickness – girl


Family/Friend Predictions:

Girl – mom, Sister 1, MIL

Boy – Sister 2, SIL 2, Lit Groupie 

So, as you might guess these tests are accurate only 50% of the time. But they were fun. They seem to reflect my complete lack of mother’s intuition on the matter. 

2 thoughts on “Boris or Natasha?

  1. What about MY guess, Maret? The prophetic dream from which the name Boris originated. Definitely boy. Also, I’ve never understood people who say that baby girls cause morning sickness. I had NONE with Vivian, and all the friends who were pregnant with boys were puking their guts out. Go figure.

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