Ohhhhhh boy…

Weeeeellllll. I might have lied when I said I had no intuition on the matter of baby’s sex. I’ve been calling it “he” since I knew I was pregnant. I also spent a lot of time trying to talk myself out of it because it MIGHT have been true. And then what? I think I just need to admit it–I’m a little terrified of having a he-beast in my life.

Neither Logan nor I had brothers growing up. I finally got a brother just two years before I left for college–and he’s awesome, BUT he has about 20 Nerf guns. I’m not totally sure how that’s relevant, but it’s true, and indicative of the fact that boys are, well…different. And it’s probably mostly due to commercials and media and the cultural conditioning, and only a little bit due to testosterone. (Also, can I just say right now, that I am growing a penis. A PENIS! And what’s worse–TESTICLES inside my body. Weird. Weird. Weird.)

And it’s weird not necessarily in a bad way at all. Weird in a completely foreign, but not so foreign way. Like how I was excited to travel to London for 2 months, but also kinda freaking out because they eat beans on toast for breakfast, everything costs more, they’ve never heard of free ketchup packets, and I had no idea how to travel by tube. It’s totally the same thing. No one forced me to eat beans on toast, I survived spending $4 per single-serving yogurt, and the tube is BETTER than all forms of American transportation. Really, the only thing I couldn’t cope with about London was the ketchup packets.

Also, I developed a theory that boys end up a lot like their dads. And there is no guy on the planet more lovable than my husband. So. I can be good with this. I can do this. And to counteract all the violent, male-entitlement bullcrap he will be exposed to, I will take him to musicals and read him feminist poetry, and ensure that he knows that dance skills are of the utmost importance. My determination to expose my children to “opposite gendered” activities could actually be a really good excuse to do all the girly things I love.

I just hope he’s happy and nerdy.

As for myself, I’ll miss the the much, much, much better clothing options presented for baby girls, and lament the fact that every boy thing has trucks and sports on it. For truly (like the lack of ketchup packets in London), this is the only downside to having a boy.

7 thoughts on “Ohhhhhh boy…

  1. The three main groups of boys’ clothing: sports, modes of transportation, and animals (with dinosaurs being a major subset of the latter). And really, what’s happier and nerdier than dinosaurs? So even the downside isn’t irredeemably bad.

    Congrats again. Little boys are lots of fun once you resign yourself to the lack of clothing options.

  2. I don’t know any different than raising boys, but it’s totally possible to raise the type of man you want him to become. My husband is awesome, even being raised in a very typical patriarchal family when it comes to taking on roles in the home that were always done by his mother. I give credit to the fact that he and his twin were the babies of the family and his mother just didn’t have the time to do everything for them. So he had to do his own laundry, was told that he WAS baby sitting his nieces and nephews (he had much more baby experience than I did when our son was born) and other things from a young age. Yes he was the quarterback of the football team and did a sport every season, loves to play the violent video games, but he is also an artist and was the one who introduced me to his favorite movie of all times, “Pride and Prejudice.”

  3. I wasn’t excited to begin with when foreskin showed up on the grainy ultrasound screen. I was shocked and I think a little disappointed for about two hours afterwards. So you’re doing better than I was there. 🙂 As a mother of a rambunctious little manchild, I find my son awesome and exhausting and adorable and difficult to clothe in less than stupid outfits.

    • Thanks for commenting, you ladies with boys. When I realized my main gripe with boys was the clothes, I knew I would probably get over it just so long as I could complain a little.

      Oh, boy clothes. I don’t even think there is a way to fix it because I’m always going to be more excited about dresses than any male accouterments. That said, there definitely *are* cute boy clothes out there. Exhibit A: Baby E’s sailor suit. We went to a garage sale that had a ton of cute boy clothes including a Rockin’ Robot onesie.

      The issue is that cute boy clothes are farther and fewer between AND the fact that girl clothes generally win. Ruffle-butt bloomers under a baby girl dress will almost always trump any boy outfit, no matter how cute. Poor (moms of) boys.

  4. Little Boris is destined for greatness, I just know it. I’ve no experience having a manchild (yet), but I know you and Logan will be wonderful parents to yours. I have seen plenty of little boy clothes that have made me swoon– think, little newsboy caps, argyle sweaters, rugby stripe rompers, and mini Converse. You just have to look in the right places. I’m so happy for you!

  5. You have picked out great clothes for Brother over the years, so you will do great on Baby Boris. You will be such a fun mom! I picture your little family singing Disney songs while making dinner, and playing old school videogames. Like Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong Country, and lets not forget Mario Kart for N64. He will think you are so cool for being awesome at those games. I’ve heard boys are more attached to Mom so yay! That will be fun! Baby Boris is so lucky to have you teaching the way to being a fantastic dancer.

  6. Wow, I’ve been SOOOO behind on reading this and I have no idea why? I’m SO excited for you to have a little boy, sure, I’m biased, but now that I have a son, I might only want sons. He’s awesome, and boys are awesome, and for the record, they have ADORABLE boy clothes and I’m pretty convinced that I have just as much fun dressing him as any mom with a daughter has dressing her. When I read the last post that said his heart beat was around 150, I knew it was a boy before even reading this. “They”, whoever they are, say that in the 150’s or below is a boy, and anything in the 160’s and up is a girl. Not sure if it’s true, but Preston’s was a consistent 145.

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