23 weeks and soliciting product advice

Not much new going on here. I’m 23 weeks into this thing and anxious to meet the baby. I guess it would be nice if he was fully developed and we finished his nursery first, but you know what I mean. I would love to say hello.

The sudden painful hunger is pretty much the main struggle of pregnancy at this point. I’ve thought it would be nice to be hungry all the time. Wrong. It’s kind of a bummer to have to think of things to eat every hour AND not have the time to prepare them. It gets expensive going out all the time, but sometimes it’s the only way. 

I feel like weight is always part of the pregnant discussion, and I kind of hate it. I was loving my hot pre-pregnancy body. I look back at pictures of myself with a waist and shake my head at how I didn’t really appreciate it.

But I really love my pregnant body, too. It’s freaking adorable. This is why it’s not a great compliment to me to say “you don’t even look pregnant.” No. I do. I get that people exist who look like me who aren’t pregnant and just carry weirdly firm stomach chub but aren’t otherwise fat. They’re out there, but here’s the thing: THEY look pregnant. Not the other way around.

Meh. Anyway, I’m in the mood for more advice. Today’s topic: baby registry items. I’ve started a registry on Amazon and Target which are easily findable if you know my name, but I admit I don’t really know what I’m doing. What registry advice to you have? What baby products do you love?


5 thoughts on “23 weeks and soliciting product advice

  1. Remember that your baby will grow, so try and think of what you will need further into the future too. Also, if you’re doing a shower, ask people to skip the smallest sizes (newborn, 0-3 months). Half the people won’t listen and will still give you those size, and the more observant people will fill out the baby’s wardrobe. I remember sorting out the baby clothes after my shower and I had gotten mostly 0-3 month size stuff. While tiny and cute…. my daughter was forced to go naked until she could afford to buy more clothes.

    That was a lie. But you get the point. 🙂

    Also remember things like sippy cups and bibs. You won’t think about them until you need them, and the night you are out to dinner and order spaghetti and the baby demands you share is not the moment to add “bibs” to your shopping list.

    Things I’ve used every day for at least 6 months (if not Ginny’s entire life):

    -Boppy pillow (mine was a gift, so if I hadn’t liked it I could’ve passed it on with out losing the money), I like it, my best friend hates it. I didn’t like it the first time, but it definitely saved my back as my baby got heavier and I didn’t have to lean down while nursing. Obviously if nursing isn’t your thing, skip this one. 🙂
    -baby spoons,
    -non-white onsies (I prefer Carter’s brand because my baby is long and lean), to be honest… we never used the white ones.
    -wipes, and diapers. but lots of wipes.
    -nuby sippy cups,
    -lanolin cream (if you plan to breastfeed. It’s good to have this on hand. I didn’t, and had to send my husband because my booooobies hurt),
    -diaper rash cream and other baby medicines (can’t use them right away, but also prevents that “MUST GO TO TARGET NOW!” moment when you need the orajel because sweet babes decided to pop those teeth early).
    -if you haven’t already gone for a changing table, skip it and find a decent height dresser instead – much more functional in the long run. We put non-skid cupboard lining under the changing pad to make it not move around.
    – don’t put any soap on your list. You’ll get it any way. I have about 4 bottles of soap that haven’t been touched, and three that I’ve used a bit. If this advice backfires I’ll mail you some.
    -different brands of diapers. It’s impossible to know which will fit your baby best. I swear by pampers, but I know a lot of Mom’s who say they don’t fit their baby at all.
    -Things in the $20-$40 range (toys, mobiles, etc). I think that is pretty average for a shower gift.
    -I got the simplest monitor. Sure, it would be nice to be able to stay up all night and stare at a little screen with my baby sleeping, but really… with out that I am more likely to fall asleep. Also, I have yet to find a situation where I needed more than one receiver. I have this one, and have never had any problems with it. http://www.amazon.com/NTM-910YLW-Sony-Baby-Nursery-Monitor/dp/B000S35QLC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346572069&sr=8-1&keywords=baby+monitor+sony

    Keep it short and simple (unlike this comment) and only put on things you really really want.

    Sorry I just wrote an entire blog post in this comment. It’s like… almost 4 am and I should be sleeping. Ha! My baby just started sleeping in her own bed (she’s… 14 months old)… so now I feel like sleeping is a waste of my time because it’s the only time I get to do things like read blogs and waste my time on the interwebs. woot!

  2. I sent you the big bad product review email ages ago, but I think it’s important to remember that besides a place to sleep, diapers, and food, a baby’s needs are fairly simple in the beginning.

    The swing I received from my sisters in law was especially valuable since Eli wouldn’t sleep in a crib for naps ever. Okay, he still doesn’t but it was a life saver when he napped four times per day.

    I wish I had a sling for newborn Eli as the ERGO was a little clunky with a baby under three months old. There’s a million different brands but popular ones are Mayawrap and Sleeping Baby Productions. I’ve read good things about Babyette on Etsy.

    A simple baby bathtub is useful. We still use the one we got for E.

    The Miracle Blanket is the only swaddler that could contain my wriggle beast.

    Clothes are nice but I have little tolerance with fussy outfits. I can barely get Eli to sit still long enough to snap crotch buttons let alone corset him into an elaborate pint sized suit that he will promptly vomit upon. Rompers and zippy pjs since you are having a winter baby.

    Robeez are the only shoes I can keep on my kid’s feet.

    Expensive, space-gobbling kid apparatuses go for a song on Craigslist because people get sick of storing them or stop having kids. We found an Exersaucer for $15. He hates it now so I’m glad I went cheap. 🙂

    A Pack n Play. Trust me. It’s the only way I can pack these days while he watches cartoons.

  3. Yes, every shower I’ve been to (and my own) have been full of sweet little tiny 0-3 month clothes. I make it a point to only by 9 month or higher clothes for my friends now, but something that can be worn no matter what the season because of the vastly different rates that babies grow. My favorite products have been: Balmex diaper rash cream, bibs with snaps (not velcro), fleece sleep sacks and the ITZBEEN baby timer because I could never keep track of how long it had been since I fed baby last, or what side I started nursing on last time, etc. I had a baby that I needed to feed every x amount of hours for gaining weight, so it was helpful to have the timer. But I would wait for that (ordered it from amazon) to see if you really need it.

  4. Well as you know I have no advice to give. I’m newer to this than you. I plan to register for things, but haven’t gotten even that far yet. I’d expect to find the following things useful:
    -Breast Pump
    -Pack N Play
    -Cloth diapers (I have a few brands in mind that I think may be idiot proof)
    -Car Seat
    -Changing Pad
    -Nursing Pillow

    I have yet to look at your amazon registry so I’m hoping to look at some of your ideas for me to mooch. Of course this list is not everything.

  5. I wish I could help you out here, but really, all I can think of that is a must is the swaddleme blankets, they really are awesome and needed, IMO.
    Other things we have that I like:
    Britax B-Safe carseat, I love it, but it’s heavy, and I have a heavy child…on the flip side, my arms are toned! 🙂
    Phil and Teds stroller, totally recommend. A single stroller that eventually turns into a double. It’s awesome for running too, and my carseat fits on it perfectly, no adapter needed.
    I have the medella double pump, and it’s nice, but I would just borrow one from a friend. I don’t use mine all that often.
    I have a baby bjorn that I love, but if you have the moby you might be good with just that.

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