25 Glorious Shimmering Weeks

At 25 weeks I’m still comfortable and content. In other circumstances I might take this for granted, but when I get near daily reminders from strangers to “feel better” (I have no idea why they assume I feel awful. Is it my face? Am I making some horrible face I’m unaware of?), I guess I have to remind myself that it’s pretty good to be me. Moments like right now, I feel as if life were perfect. But then I remember that I couldn’t possibly bring myself to write a 25 week update last night because I was so incredibly morose. Hmmm…shall we blame this on pregnancy hormones or my normal cocktail of neuroses? 

So though I’m relatively physically comfortable, I’m probably certifiable. I didn’t feel this way–this emotionally wonky–until second trimester. I have to wonder if I’m psyching myself out by all the pregnancy and post-partum depression warnings I hear. Everyone from my mom to strangers at the airport have been preparing me for doom and gloom in the wake of of the babypocalypse. Am I taking it too much to heart? Or is the fact that an episode of Dr. Who brought me nearly to tears and made me feel, for hours, as if all of my friends have also been absorbed into the skin of the alien monster a sign of something more sinister?

I don’t know, friends. What do you think?



6 thoughts on “25 Glorious Shimmering Weeks

  1. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s probably hormones at this point (not that that makes it feel any better). You might recall the pregnancy dream I had about you two, where I fixed you a Thanksgiving feast and you glared pointedly at me and said you were trying to get rid of unnecessary clutter in your lives. I cried about that for a week or so. Things just can go a bit wonky when your hormones are that in flux, but it more often than not settles down before too long. In the meantime, good luck, and remember that I would still be your friend even if I lived in alien monster skin. Sure, lunches and phone calls might get tricky, but we’d figure something out.

    Glad to hear that physically everything is comfortable at least.

  2. Probably just hormones. It seems to be the cause of all things pregnancy. I’m glad you’re physically comfortable! Maybe just lay off Dr. Who for awhile.

  3. The hormone swings are pretty wonky after birth, as I’m experiencing right now. One of the best descriptions of PPD that i got was if you have ‘non-maternal thoughts.’ If you feel like you can’t get out of bed to take care of a child, if you want to shake your baby and similar thoughts means that it might be a good idea to seek out some help.

  4. Babyapocalypse? Doom and gloom? Bah. Go re-read our birth story with Eli. The happiness of those first couple of hours after his birth sustained me through many an exhausting night. Having a newborn *is* exhausting and postpartum depression is a very real and under-recognized condition. But you can’t anticipate how you’ll feel after having a baby.

    FWIW, I’ve read a lot of anecdotal positive experience with placental encapulation as far as postpartum mood regulation goes. Yeah, I know. It’s kinda weird. The Feminist Breeder has some stuff about it on her blog and the resource guide. I wasn’t quite brave enough to take the plunge myself.

    I loved this point of pregnancy physically, but the once the fog of first trimester sickness I went crazy emotionally. I cried. A lot. I fretted and worried and nested and cried some more. The hormones can do unnatural, ungodly things to you. Fortunately you and I are married to nice men who are willing to tolerate complete insanity from their pregnant wives. I recall sitting on the couch sobbing and then hurling into punch drunk giggles while sobbing and finally blurting out between sobs and paroxysms of giggles, “What the hell is wr-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong with me???”

  5. Honestly, don’t sweat PPD, Britt warned me of it, and guess what, whiny baby and all, I’ve shed next to no tears for being overwhelmed by it all. A miracle I’m sure of it, but still, I kept waiting for the PPD to hit and here I am, at four months PP, still waiting for it. Now, I just cry because my baby is so cute and I can’t get over it. Thank goodness hormones can be the answer to everything for a long long time now.

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