Greetings 3rd Trimester

Today I have officially begun my 3rd trimester. I had a midwife appointment and everything is looking awesome. They even made me feel better about getting this kid out in time–we’ll throw the works at it and surely something will stick. I love that when I leave the birth center I feel so chipper I want to hand out high-fives to strangers. I LOVE my midwives. 

At today’s appointment I drank the gestational diabetes sludge which was bad, but not as bad as everyone made it out to be. I chose lemon and it tasted like only slightly watered down 7-Up syrup. We did some belly mapping, and my husband was able to feel the baby’s skull–like a large cue-ball resting in my pelvis. I couldn’t get the right angle to feel the head, but did feel a little spindley leg bone up by my belly button.

While we were waiting the hour to test my blood sugar, we watched some lovely water birth videos. A huge hangup people have about water birth is that the water will be yucky. First, I think this is completely silly–it’s stuff from your body, not anonymous bio-hazard. And regardless of whether you’re in a tub or not, you’re going to be messy afterward. That said, I was shocked about how clean the water was in the videos I saw. A little gush of blood with baby, and that was it. Even in the few where they delivered the placenta in the tub, the water was clear. I was impressed. Anyway, as Better Book Titles would suggest, there will be blood

I’m excited for 3rd trimester. Sure I worry, and often. But at least right now I think it’s going to be okay. Remind me of that later. 


3 thoughts on “Greetings 3rd Trimester

  1. I was pretty moody and slept like rot my third trimester, but it meant that in comparison sleep with a newborn felt like a sleep oasis. I’m glad you are in good spirits and love you midwives. They make such a big difference!

  2. I am all into waterbirth. It makes so much sense. Really?! The water will be yucky. That is silly, of course it isn’t going to be perfect. But I think I’d rather had the blood and everything else in the water where I can get washed and rinsed in the shower, than to have things start to cake on you with a dry birth.

    So I’m alittle confused, do you have gestational diabetes, or were you just getting tested?

    I’m glad you love your midwives. I’m shopping for a new one. Enjoy third trimester! Let me know what I can do to help you out.

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