30 Weeks

The baby is 3 whole pounds. That’s a good sized rump roast, and I’m starting to feel it. And everyone is starting to see it, too. This has made for some great special treatment from strangers. Free food? Thank you. Pregnancy discount–that’s a thing? Well, don’t mind if I do. People have offered their spot in line for the next restroom stall. And in general, there’s a sense of “people being nice for the very first time.”

While certainly not commensurate with the discomforts of pregnancy, pregnancy perks make me happy. Though some of it, I could do without–I’ve never had a visiting teacher actually visit me while in this ward. Suddenly they’re apologizing for it and making an appointment to visit and asking me “when is your baby due?” because as a reproductive female I finally matter in this church.

Okay, too snarky. But seriously. Coincidence? No.

ANYWAY, I’m generally okay with pregnancy discomfort–it’s part of the package. But I’m always worried if what I’m feeling is normal. Never in my life have I wanted so desperately to be normal. A boring pregnancy, please.  And a boring pregnancy I’m having. Other than low blood sugar (yeah, I was shocked too) which is easily fixed (too easy–MOAR FOOD!), I’m healthy and baby is doing splendidly. With my midwife’s help, I got to feel his wee little skull under my fingers, deep down in my pelvis where he will hopefully stay for the rest of the pregnancy. Has anyone else here palpated skulls and legs and stuff while their kid was in uetero? Because I feel like I’ve never heard people talk about it before and it’s pretty damn cool. Palpating should be up there with ultrasounds as a thing everyone does. Since he has a skull, he’s real to me now.

Since I’m having a real kid, and not just a temperamental tumor, we’re working on amassing our baby stuff, and doing a damn good job at it. Thank you everyone who advised me as to baby products in my last post. It helped me get my bearings on those things that I will probably have to buy new.  I hate spending money–though upon reflection, food is the exception to that rule. But who can resist coarse vanilla salt or cold pressed hazelnut oil or cocoa nibs? And don’t get me started on dinner out.

Okay, okay. So aside from food and a few baby items, I hate spending money. Craigslist to the rescue. Especially since I want to keep my pantry stocked in the manner in which it has grown accustomed. This is a fabulous town to buy used baby items and I have scored some ridiculous deals.

— More 0-6 month baby outfits than the kid will ever need. $0.25 each.

— A super nice, solid wood crib from my town’s exclusive, ludicrously expensive, baby store (which savvy sellers name-drop in every advertisement). $80

— A moby wrap and a Baby Bjorn for almost nothing

— A brand spanking new pack-n-play for $20 because it had a tiny hole in the mesh

— An Arm’s Reach co-sleeper, which will come in handy for such a brief amount of time I’m glad I got it for a third of list price.

— A “Brest Friend” nursing pillow (note: I was sold on this item over the Boppy because is has its own boob headrests on the top. I like the pillow, but I ultimately bought it out of embarrassment that I spent no less than 3 minutes groping it)

— A glider rocking chair

— A pack of 6 Gro-Via cloth diapers (which are pretty much the BMWs of cloth diapers, IMHO) for only $60. A rare find and SO CUTE. I’ll be congratulating myself for that one for a long time.

Anyway, the best part is that most of these people are so desperate to get rid of their kid stuff, I’ve even had some items delivered for free. And while baby shopping bores me, adding a bargain hunt through the wilds of Eugene adds adds a sense of danger and immense satisfaction to every purchase.

No, I’m serious. I like it that much. Until next time,


One thought on “30 Weeks

  1. It’s SO satisfying to find quality items secondhand. Unless it’s a safety item like a car seat, I see absolutely no reason to not buy most baby stuff used if possible. They use it for such a short period of time that it seems ridiculous to shell out $90 for a child containment device they may or may not like for more than six weeks.

    And totally yes on the baby palpation. It’s awesome. Our midwife at one point was feeling for his head and then feeling for his bum and then said, “Hmmm. Is that a head or is that a butt? Your baby has two butts.” E’s bony little butt was hard to distinguish from a skull for most of the pregnancy and he still doesn’t have much of one. I used to feel his little legs all the time, and it was usually pretty easy to tell where his foot was since he liked to shove one of them up under my ribs.

    I’m happy that you’re having a boring pregnancy. You’re a rockstar.

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