32 Weeks

Like every young pregnant couple, we were Juno and Bleeker for Halloween. It was by far the best costume I’ve ever had. Not only was it comfortable and warm dressing like a pregnant teenager, but people were impressed by the life-like nature of my expanded belly. Another major bonus was that FOR ONCE the man’s costume was the slutty one 🙂 Yes, we found yellow running shorts every bit as short as Bleeker’s.

So Halloween was a success, but I’ve neglected most every other pregnant to-do item. Work has been busy. It’s exciting that it’s picking up (FINALLY), but I would have preferred better timing. Two years ago would have been nice. I keep feeling like I’m going to stop  being busy one of these days and have time to decorate the nursery or make freezer meals or actually think about pain management techniques for labor. I haven’t.

I had a baby shower last week with my family up North. It was fun to see everyone and get a few useful gifts checked off of my to-buy list. One of these included the smallest car seat I could find. I tried mightily for an hour in the rain to make it fit in my Mini. Really, I did. But part of the reason why Minis are so cute is that they feature a back seat designed for amputees. It’s fine for the dog or luggage. Hell–I’ve even done major IKEA trips with it. But apparently NOT a rear-facing infant car seat.

Hmmm…what else? You haven’t experienced the joy of listening to my pregnancy symptoms for awhile, so let’s catch up on that front. The good: Baby and are both healthy and happy. For once in my life I have low blood pressure. I haven’t added a single stretch mark to the millions I developed as a fat adolescent. And best (and most unexpectedly) of all– my leg hair is coming in sparse instead of its typical robust manliness. It’s the BEST. Have you ever heard of such a thing? So cool, right?

The bad: My periodic commute is KILLING my back. I’ll be unrelentingly uncomfortable for days. The type of hideously, horribly uncomfortable that makes me a real peach to be around, unfortunately. Also, sleeping just every so slightly off is bad news bears. Yoga can help sometimes. But when it doesn’t, I’m miserable. I also puked for the first time in 17 weeks. Publicly, in fact. There was nothing I could do to stem the tides, so to speak, and so it ended up on the sides of my car and all over the parking lot.  Good thing it rained the next day, huh?


2 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. So were you ever able to fit the carseat in the back seat?

    I remember how frustrating it was to be constantly too busy to do something about the nesting urge. Hopefully things calm down a little bit soon (just enough for you to get things done, though).

  2. I loved the yellow shorts you found! Do you know what you plan to do with the nursery? It is exciting that work is getting busy, but yeah crappy timing.

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