33 and some weeks

Highlights from my 33rd week:

1. Friends from Utah visited with their 15 month old boy and my heart grew 8 sizes watching my husband and dog interact with the wee pixie. They were both amazing. Whoever said women were more naturally nurturing has never met my husband. He’s going to be such a good mom. And my dear sweet dog–I won’t have anything to worry about there. Baby E showed her that kids are generous with food and gentle with ears. They seemed to hit it off. And as always is the case when these particular friends visit, we ate well. Savory Leige waffles, cuban pork and tostones, coconut sourdough pancakes with bananas and rum, and a tasting plate of dark chocolates. Sooooo delicious.

2. We bought a car of adequate size. I have mixed feelings on it as it means I’ll likely need to sell the Mini, but it’s a good enough ride that I don’t expect I’ll feel too deprived until convertible weather hits–which in Oregon is all of three days in August. It’s a roomy 4-door Hyundai GT hatchback with excellent gas mileage and bluetooth. I feel extremely fancy using the bluetooth. My commute’s audiobooks were temporarily replaced with a dozen conversations like this: “HI [FAMILY MEMBER]! I’M CALLING FROM MY CAR…Oh, I don’t need to yell? Okay. Well, I’m not even breaking the law! It’s this thing called ‘BLUE. TOOTH.’…BLUE. TOOTH. Yes… yes I know that technology has been around for about 10 years… So? ” and so on.

3. My friend Mhana threw me the most excellent baby shower I’ve ever attended, even discounting the fact that I got all the presents. I suppose it could be that it was specially designed to my specifications–no stupid games, the best food a pregnant chick could ask for, and lots of lovely, lovely people. I’m really impressed that between the PhD Candiate and the mother of three kids under 2 years old, my friends pulled off a fully catered luncheon complete with fancy dishes. 

4. A couple of the student midwives put on a birth class for us. I loved it. Since it was just us and another hippie birthing couple, we were able to go pretty deep into the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labor in such a fun and interactive way that I thought I was participating in some sort of cool demo at OMSI. Where else but an Oregonian birth center would you have knitted models of the uterus and cervix? And yet they were so effective in illustrating effacement and dilation and contractions, I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have them. I’m so damn impressed with the human body. With the uterus. It’s the coolest muscle in the body, I’m convinced. I’m excited for the next class when we get more into pain management techniques and positions and that fun stuff. I’m so happy with my midwives. Every woman should be so lucky as to have exactly the birth team that they want, and for me that’s them.

5 thoughts on “33 and some weeks

  1. The knitted cervix IS a helpful visual! We had one in our class too and I have thought of it as each birth approached. I’m so bummed that I missed your shower, but I’m glad the nasty bug hit when it did so I wasn’t around you in the contagious stage. Being sick while pregnant is NOT cool. Hopefully you can avoid that this flu season. Good luck with these last few weeks! Get everything ready for the little guy’s arrival, because mine surprised me by coming at 34 weeks and I pretty much had nothing ready.

  2. I also thought it was the coolest shower ever. I stand by my belief that fine china is a household necessity. It makes the ordinary extraordinary. Isn’t lemonade in a goblet about a million times fancier? Of course it is. You are welcome friend. i look forward to many a fine meal at your house.

    • I do not remember when I officially changed my handle to Mhana Latasha Moitrice here but I am not sorry I did. Happy surprise.

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