This four day weekend is bliss and making me that much more excited for maternity leave. Because the baby is totally going to let me sleep until 11:00, right?

Let’s talk about sleep and the trimesters. I want to dispel the misconception about urination during the first trimester. I’m welllll into my third and I woke up to pee more often in the first 14 weeks than I do now. This will likely change when the baby drops, but so far, it was around 3-4 times a night 1st trimester, 1-2 times a night 2nd and 3rd (and more often, 1 because I wake up so early). This also goes for fatigue, boob pain and pregnancy brain–way worse in the 1st than in the 3rd. Again, I’ve got a few weeks for it to get worse, but this is my experience so far. Basically you’ll feel at your absolute worst during the months that you want no one to know you’re pregnant.

Now, the 3rd trimester isn’t all sunshine and kittens, either. My back hurts constantly and if I go 10 minutes around the house without wearing orthotic inserts in my shoes, every part on my body aches from foot to forehead. Of course the real victim in this is fashion. It means I have been able to wear ONE pair of nasty greying tennis shoes for the last 6 weeks, and I don’t intend to wear anything else for the next 5. I do make a brief but necessary black-shoe exception when meeting with clients, but pop straight back into the ugly tennies as soon as possible.

Oh–and exciting news–only THREE more client meetings until sweet, sweet, freedom. I’m so pumped. I have a list of things to do entitled “December.” I will read books and make freezer meals and begin every housewife’s self-induction technique I can find. I will do my Christmas shopping and finish buying ALL the baby things. I will take advantage of my soon-to-be-dead insurance and get acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. I can’t wait. I’m very excited for baby to come, but first thing’s first–I’m VERY much looking forward to at least a week or two of unstructured do nothing and everything time.


4 thoughts on “35

  1. The only shoes I could wear at the end of my pregnancy were my hideous but oh so comfortable house slipper crocs. After I had the baby and got rid of all the retained water I remember looking down at my legs and feet and thinking that they looked freakishly skinny.

  2. Wow, your experience has been very different from mine. I had to pee a lot in the first tri, but nothing compared to now. I am convinced this dude of mine gets himself in a weird position and just pushes with all his might on my bladder. It is out of control sometimes. My midwife told me last week that my pelvic floor relaxed a lot sooner since it’s my second pregnancy. Yay, right?

    Good luck with your few weeks of unstructured do nothing and everything time! I hope you are able to get all the things checked off the list. Can’t wait to see your little cutie.

  3. Can I please have maternity leave sans baby? It sounds delightful. But would I truly spend those weeks making freezer meals to make my life easier? Alas no I would be watching Season 3 of downton online, as I am this very moment.

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