36 weeks on little sleep

Oh the insomnia this week is no good. I’ve averaged 4 hours a night since Sunday and apparently tonight will be no different. Of course it would happen on this, my busiest week ever.

This won’t be so much of a problem next week when I can nap. Tomorrow/today is my LAST client day. I can’t believe it is here. I have been pining for this break like a school girl looks forward to two weeks off during Christmas. I only hope the lack of stress does not cause me to stress or to create stress where none exists. The latter is most likely. Welcome to my type-A world.

So during my last day I’m packing in a loan modification, a foreclosure sale, a trust package signing, and a few property transfers. More people will visit my office tomorrow than came in the entire months of May and June. It’s intimidating and is the raison du jour for my early AM wakefulness.

Oy. But I’ve managed to have fun during the evenings this week. My OB SIL visited Monday and Tuesday. It was lovely except for her unfounded but strongly presented opinions on water birth– citing a statistic that zero babies drown born on land. This is as annoying as telling someone that zero babies OR moms die from complications related to epidural use when no epidural is used. As a pain management technique, water birth far out performs epidurals in safety. It’s also correspondingly less effective in blocking pain. Both are valid decisions with consequent trade offs. I had to break it to her that more and more hospitals are allowing water births, not just labors, including OHSU. /End rant. Otherwise, it was fun fun times peppered with exhaustion.

My sister and I also had fun this week, seeing Twilight. Oh. Em. Gee. So worth it. It was the best AND worst Twilight ever. Since I have only managed to read a single chapter of the first, and that was with audio book, mind you, every ridiculous twist and turn was a delightful surprise. Breaking Dawn II had everything for the bad movie connoisseur. Awkward sex scene? Check. CGI baby? Check. Beautiful people striking poses? Double check. Inter species love? Check. A thoroughly unsatisfying end? Check. I now know why they theorize that Stephanie Meyer had never climaxed–because she certainly can’t write one. I’m very excited for the RiffTrax.

Last night was also fun. I attended the RS cookie exchange where a majority of people realized I was pregnant for the first time as we stuffed our faces with sugar– which kept me content during awkward interrogations about whether I would be returning to work after the baby comes. It’s not like I have a part time job just anywhere. I’ve started my own practice. I’ve invested years into this thing. I have a career. No one would ever ask a man if he planned on returning to work. And while many women in similar positions have the luxury of taking an extended leave during their childbearing years and decide to do so, I still don’t think it’s an appropriate question. I guess my irritation with it stemmed partially from the fact that when I was teaching a lesson on family responsibilities the RSP had the audacity to correct MY family’s division of responsibility while I was teaching. Seriously, it could not have been more rude. So there is some baggage there I must acknowledge.

Otherwise, it was wonderful. Many moms offered real, specific post-baby help. One has volunteered to be my breast feeding cheerleader and welcomed me to call her day or night in a way that made me actually believe I could do so, not in the way that your visiting teachers say so at the end of a visit.

Well look at the time. I could conceivably get out of bed right now. Better start the longest day of work ever. Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “36 weeks on little sleep

  1. Did you know that fewer babies die in zombie attacks when there are no zombies present than when there are?!?!

    Also, my RS prez/VT companion is a fully-time prof at BYU law school and has 2 young sons. Traditional division of responsibility can go suck it. 😉

  2. The “hurry up and wait” aspect of the last weeks of pregnancy is trying. It’s good to have a few things to keep your brain busy. I tried to schedule a reason to leave the house at least every few days otherwise I think I would have floated naked in a pool of tepid water for the last five weeks of my pregnancy.

    Water birth is great. And so is a career. You’re doing awesome. I’m proud to be your friend.

  3. I’m seriously excited that you have someone who volunteered to be your breastfeeding cheerleader. I hope you never have reason to call her, but that’s awesome that you have a go-to if the need arises. Happy December!

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