Products Post: Bodily Fluids Edition

This naptime post is brought to you by Troublesome Tots, a site with the most moderate, non-judgmental, and effective sleep advice I’ve ever encountered. 

Anyhoo, he’s napping. Today my sister is having her baby shower up in Washington. I had to miss it because we’re not usually up for a 3 hour road trip early in the morning. But I got to thinking of all the stuff I’ve purchased or received as a gift and thought it’s time for a products post:

1. GroVia Cloth Diapers. These are comfy, cute, and surprisingly convenient. I only hope they hold up over time so I can use them with future babies. I’ll do a whole post on cloth diapering in a while, but for now, just know that if you have a washer and dryer in your house, cloth diapering is totally possible, not that challenging, and ultimately cheaper. 

2. Pampers Swaddlers. For all their virtues, cloth diapers just aren’t going to absorb quite as much as a disposable. So for nighttime, I stick him in these disposable diapers. I love them. They keep him pretty dry and he hasn’t had a blowout yet (even though he’s a pound and a half too big for them). These also double as lovely ice packs for sore mama bottoms. Just fill the pocket with ice chips. As the ice melts it becomes jelly but still manages to have enough absorbency to take care of the ridiculous amount of blood you emit postpartum. 

3. Always Infinity Pads. I’m a tampon girl all the way. Pads make me feel like I am wearing a diaper, and not a cute Gro-Via diaper. So when I learned that I would have to spend several weeks postpartum wearing pads, I did my research. These were far and away the most beloved of feminine hygiene products on the internet. They’re as thin as pantyliners but absorb as much as a mondo hospital pad. They stay in place, and they keep you dry. I’m SHOCKED that I could like a pad this much. The only thing they were not good for was making ice-pads for my swollen, sore lady bits. Why? Because they do their freaking job of keeping you dry, which kept the ice away. 

4. Depends. I’m just going to say it: I loved wearing adult diapers. I now understand the soft-focus commercials of white haired women talking about how “secure” they feel when wearing their peach-mist colored absorbent undies. That was me! I mean, give me a pair of microfiber booty shorts any day of the week. But if your body happens to be leaking mass amounts of lochia/amniotic fluid/urine/etc., then Depends are your best friend. I wore them for a week without shame. If you sort of blur your eyes a little, you can pretend they’re frilly and lacy. 

5. Bamboobies. These are the greatest thing to happen to lactating breasts since babies were invented. Bamboobies are a super soft, fairly discrete, absorbent, washable, bamboo breast pad (ADJECTIVE ALERT!). Best of all they’re made by a mom. Aw. 

6. Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump. At the recommendation of a friend, I put this on my Amazon list as more of a “note to self” to look for one used on craigslist. But mom ended up getting me one, so score! It really does hold up its end of the bargain. Insert breast, remove milk. I’m one for sleep, so I’ve been pumping bottles for my husband to give the boy on weekends and late school days. The baby gives him an incredibly confused look, but generally accepts the food without too much complaint, especially because we have….

7. A bottle warmer. This is one of those things that people say you don’t need. Well fie on them. You shouldn’t microwave breastmilk, so your options are attaching baby to the tap,. as it were, or running a cold bottle under hot water for 10 minutes while your baby gets super pissed because he wanted food. Yesterday. You may recall I bought our bottle warmer at a garage sale. Once a friend showed me how to use the thing, our baby is now enjoying bottles from dad in about 2 minutes. 


What are your favorite bodily fluid products? And for that matter, what is your favorite bodily fluid?


*Note, I sort of hate that this post discusses breastmilk and bodily waste products as if they’re on the same level because it’s this kind of thing that makes stupid people say “You wouldn’t PEE in public! You shouldn’t feed your baby, either!” But the fact that so many products I loved were related to liquid that escapes the body, I couldn’t resist. Just know that breastmilk = liquid gold. Not urine. 

3 thoughts on “Products Post: Bodily Fluids Edition

  1. Okay but in fairness it would be more accurately descriptive to call urine liquid gold. I do not currently have any favorite bodily fluid products. I do, however, recommend the real brand of Q-tips. You save a buck getting off-brand, but you end up with plastic stick hurting your flesh because the cotton comes off immediately.

  2. Loved having super soft breast pads – think mine were some organic cotton thing – but my MIL bought some that were from one of the major pump/bottle general boob product brands and they were not as soft (lace on one side- why? So scratchy!) So then I became obsessed with the right ones. I liked alternating with the occasional disposable pad – especially when out and about, to stay dry. And speaking of that, in the early days or when there was a long streak of nursing, I liked Aquaphor better than any nipple cream (adjective alert 😉 Bonus – now it’s lip balm.

    Meant to say after last post – as fellow giant baby mama – my best advice is to keep up with the chiropractor (stopped going over the summer and ended up with a bulging disc) and start looking for a ergo or ergo type carrier. I had a moby, sling and bjorn (luckily all gifts or hand me downs) and by 6 months had to break down and get one, needed the extra support around the waist.
    Also, take some milky breath sniffs for me. J’s smell like hummus or marinara most of the time these days. Too fast!

  3. Ameda Purely Yours Ultra FTW! So glad you got one and it is living up to its reputation. I had a brief stint with disposeable breast pads and I hated them, so I’m curious about these Bamboobies. I just hope the whole breastfeeding thing doesn’t turn into the fiasco it did last time… *crosses fingers*

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