Pineapple Tidbits

There is an expression we use in our house when we are beyond bored: “I’m out of Internet.” I’ve read all the blogs, all the Facebook posts, all the Instagrams, tumblrs, and pinterests and now I’m just bored. So it’s up to me to make some more Internet by phone blogging. I’m happy that I’ve given my thumbs permission to do the talking, and lucky you! You get to read more tidbits from my life. Huzzah!

Tidbits reminds me of another stupid thing my husband and I do. You know the cans of pineapple labeled pineapple tidbits? Well, we’ve decided a pineapple tidbit is a pineapple themed “the more you know” meets pinterest style segment. We have a pleasant, knowing sounding voice for the pineapple who might say something like, “here’s a pineapple tidbit. Put me on top of a pizza with some Hawaiian style ham and just a pinch of coconut flakes. It’s a tropical adventure for under $5.” Or maybe, “when you’re done enjoying this can of golden pineapple, roll it in some peanut butter and bird seed for an attractive bird feeder the neighborhood will love. This has been your pineapple tidbit.” And then of course, “Did you know that you can use the can lid to strain the juice from the delicious chunks of pineapple? Add a mini umbrella to your glass and sip while cooking. Share this pineapple tidbit with your friends.”

We think we’re hilarious.

One thought on “Pineapple Tidbits

  1. I love it. I can’t imagine that you ever would run out of pineapple tidbits either. They’re just so endlessly fascinating.

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