Okay, moms. I know they’re not supposed to be teething at 3 mos, but what would you call it when your unfailingly happy kid suddenly gets cranky, drooly, and orally fixated. He has GOT to have something in his mouth, and he’d prefer to chew rather than suck on it. He calms when I massage his gums or give him a cold rag to suck on. He soaks his clothes with drool minutes after putting them on, and he’s seriously mad a lot of the time. What do you think? And when will it end?


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  1. I’m really no help because my child has always been a drooler, soaks everything he wears, always. He could be teething, I’ve heard of babies getting them really early, but also, beware, sometimes you think they’re teething, and months later, they’re still “teething”. Look in his mouth and see if he has any signs of white bumps forming on the bottom…those are usually the first teeth to come in. There’s a dumb toy called the Sophie giraffe, it’s like $20 (outrageous) but it’s apparently supposed to be the best teething toy there is. So I bought it. I don’t know if it’s anything special, but with how everyone talks about it, you’d think it was a miracle toy. Also, tylenol is great stuff, too! 🙂

  2. Had that happen with my second. Except he was also screaming and unable to nurse. Seems he had found a “dingle ball” (small fuzzy balls that used to be sewn on the edges of pillow, etc), had popped it in his mouth, and the little wire in the center was poking the roof of his mouth, which I couldn’t see, due to his unusually high palate and the color of the ball. Look carefully in his mouth with a flashlight (you’ll need help with this project) and see what it looks like. Also, Hylands makes a great homeopathic remedy for teething; has a calcium supplement in it (apparently they get a little depleted while teething). Not sure if Theo’s too young for it, but it worked great on my kids.

  3. It is possible to teethe early. My first popped out teeth with no sweat, my second drooled and soaked his shirts for TWO YEARS. The best advice, beyond what you’re already doing might be the mantra ‘and this too shall pass.’

  4. If I recall correctly, Alli’s little dude started teething at 2 months. It was ages before he actually sprouted teeth but he had all the fussiness and pain from that point. You might ask if she has any suggestions. Eli’s first teeth broke through when he was just 4 months old, so that was fun. Good luck, sweetie. Teeth are so annoying.

  5. When the Little Guy started showing symptoms of teething (not as early as Alli’s little guy, but still pretty early) but never produced any teeth, my pediatrician told me that teeth can frequently go up and down before actually breaking through, meaning that teething can start early and go on for a long while with symptoms coming and going before the teeth come. Which, fun. The things that worked best for us were cool teething rings and washrags. (He actually preferred fingers above everything else but once that first tooth actually came the finger thing was just not an option anymore.) I think (but can’t remember for sure) that the pediatrician also said we could give him baby tylenol if it got really bad, but I don’t remember having to do it with the first teeth. Molars, on the other hand. . . . (PTSD much?)

    Good luck, and Godspeed.

  6. Yea. It may very well be teething. We had that, massive drool and chewing and fussiness around 3-4 months. First teeth came out at 8 months. 2 at once! And I came down with Norovirus that night! It was pretty much the worst thing ever. Wishing you a mich better experience. Also- all the drool and the inability to hold his head up all the way led to some weird rash on his chest.

    Yay for first picture of the big guy!

  7. Oh, and though it started around the same time and he didn’t get a tooth for 5 months, he wasn’t cranky and fussy the whole time. It comes and goes.

    ps- did you choose Jude Law or not?

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