Cartoons on Diapers must Die.

I use cloth most of the time, but I still use a disposable or two at night. I have a bone to pick with the diaper companies, and it is this: stop plastering baby versions of cartoon characters on your stupid disposables. My baby is only three months old and I guarantee you that a fat pastel baby Elmo printed on a paper diaper is about as exciting to him as a Don Draper themed diaper would be. But then, I might actually be interested in a Don Draper diaper whereas the sight of baby Mickey and friends hurts my teeth.

Diapers are expensive enough but you have to tack on licensing those obnoxious patronizing characters too? I mean if we were talking about big boy training britches, then maybe I can see the appeal of not soaking Dora the Explorer absorbent undies. But these are diapers intended for humans so young they wouldn’t really be able to visually perceive a circus in their own living room.

I guarantee you there is not a parent alive who is like “oh these diapers have Baby Disney characters on them. I want to buy them more than plain diapers because they’re so cute.” Cartoon characters on clothing is a little 90’s middle school. But to baby-ify it? Grooooosss.

You know what I like? Cute patterns. Cool solids. Plain, pure un bleached white.

In short, these characters are not enhancing my diapering experience.

3 thoughts on “Cartoons on Diapers must Die.

  1. I disagree and feel it hasn’t gone far enough. Where are our Minnie Mouse tampons? Daisy Duck maxipads? Ariel pantiliners? I know I’d feel better about my cold if I could blow my nose on Cinderella and I’d certainly prefer to wipe my bottom with Duck Tales. In fact I probably wouldn’t use any of those products unless they had a commercial link that would tell me I like them.

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