Middle of the night

So, super annoying: the night my baby decides to sleep 8 hours is the night my body decides to sleep for only 4. After hanging out in bed WIDE awake I decided to go feed him. His sucking reflex is so strong, I didn’t even have to wake him up. Just get a nipple near his face and he’s eating away. How strange would it be to eat in your sleep? As food is one of the things I enjoy most in life, I would feel really cheated.

It occurs to me that perhaps feeding your baby when he does not demand food is perhaps a bad idea. I could be creating a need where none existed. Or, perhaps he would have woken up soon anyway. Hmmmmm. I wish I were sleeping.

And on that note, if you were wondering about the expiration of the effects of hypnosis for sleep, it appears to be a couple of months. I think I may go try it again. It really was a huge difference at the time.

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