Lord let me sleep tonight

Whatever this is–teething or a “wonder week” or the 4-month sleep regression or a little cold–whatever it is..

It is kicking my ass.

3 thoughts on “Lord let me sleep tonight

  1. Yeah. The four month teething/growing pains/sleep regression just about killed me. I wish I had some great cure or bit of advice. I do have lots of empathy. You will get through this. Take care.

  2. That’s really a bummer, so sorry. I seemed to hit that with Sam from 5-6 months and now at 7.5 he finally seems to be consistently sleeping through the night. I was even able to use the binkie to lull him back to sleep (after helping him toot, that kid is ridiculously gassy) for the first time ever last week.

    It will get better again, I promise!

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