I Tried It: Amber Teething Necklace

Of all my attempts for a happier baby, this is easily the one I’m most embarrassed about. Even in the hippie thicket where I reside, if you suggest that your infant son is wearing a beaded necklace to help with the crankies they look at you like you’re a nutjob at best or that you’re endangering your child at worst. These people probably had easy, pleasant children whose cries sound like giggles. Not my kid. I was losing my mind and I finally gave into the amber necklace charlatans.

So what’s the deal here? Amber has succinic acid which is released from porous amber into the body.  This much is likely true. The claim is that this is a mild anti-inflammatory that helps soothe sad gums. This second part is, well…neither scientifically proven or disproven. So many people love their amber teething necklaces and swear up and down that they are absolutely effective and wear them day and night. Far be it from me to claim they can’t work, and they’re not as hokey as magic vibrating crystals, buuuut….

They didn’t work for my kid.

I researched rather extensively on to find just ONE person who actually tried the necklace who would say this much. You will find lots of people dissing on the necklaces who’ve never tried them and lots more who LOVE and swear by them. I knew I had to write my just so I could be the one person on the internet who can say “nope.”

As for the safety of the necklaces, my MIL gave me a lecture in the form of stated worry that the necklace would get caught on something. In theory, were “something” (help me out here, because I’m racking my brain here) to manage to slip in the inch of give the necklace possessed  it would easily break and the beads would remain contained on their individually knotted threads. Are they dangerous? On a scale of zero to sharks, I’d put them somewhere above clothes but less than bouncy balls.

So there you have it. I wanted so desperately to say that the necklace cured all of my woes and my baby not only stopped crying, but started calling me Mama and sorting laundry, but it just didn’t work in any major noticeable way.  He still wears it sometimes, but it’s like a charm now. A wearable prayer. A superstition. A reminder for me that I’m doing everything I possibly can.

Sigh. Major, huge, bummer sigh.


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