7 months

Daycare survived its first day of Bear.

I did well, too, but then that was to be expected. In the realm of perfectly healthy singleton kids, I believe mine is on the challenging side and without the 5 hour “break” I would have gone stark raving mad. In addition to reflux, MORE freaking teeth (I swear, it’s like he’s trying to grow a whole mouthful of the things), he has another cold (no doubt from daycare shopping). And even on his best days, He’s a bit, well…make that a lot like me.

Only with unbridled energy and way better hair color.

He has opinions and emotions and isn’t shy about sharing them. Be they happy, sad, mad, or silly, you can count on them being intense.


He would rather you did not interrupt his tasks with physical affection, thank you much.

But then he also would prefer if you were to stay near to give him constant praise.

He’s certain there is something interesting to look at on my iPhone. There isn’t. It’s a lesson we both must learn.

It’s cool to see his little personality develop, I just wish his ailments were not a constant source of strongly expressed woe. Poor little guy.


One thought on “7 months

  1. My first had an entire mouthful of teeth by a year old. Some kids just pop ’em out quick! Sorry he has reflux, that’s rotten for you both to deal with. Glad daycare went well!

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