About: Oversharing Since February 2011

This is my little corner of the internet for sharing that which no one wants to hear.  It started before our sea monkey was conceived. Once we had made the decision to have lots of unprotected sex with a purpose, Another Maternity Blogger needed a place to freak out pseudonymously.

I got pregnant in May and lost the pregnancy at just under 11 weeks. Now it’s back to the spreadsheets as we wait for my cycle to return to normal so we may try, try again. In between then and now I’ll likely be writing angsty posts and getting pissed that everything takes way to freaking long. I’ll freak out in anguish over the two week wait while I keep you appraised of my cervical mucus, spotting, and sex life. It’s gross. It’s annoying. It’s waaaay too much info. In short: it’s just another maternity blog.

Another Maternity Blogger is a lawyer, her husband, SuperNova/DH/The Husband is an masters of architecture student. We love our laid back, midwife-friendly, soggy Oregon. But we miss our friends who live far away. Hopefully this blog will help us connect with them, our families, and even really cool internet strangers as we navigate parenthood for the first time ever.


One thought on “About: Oversharing Since February 2011

  1. I think for this to be another maternity blog you need to act more embarrassed about having body parts. You should apologize to us every time you say cervix, and should put it in brackets to make it cute.

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